Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall at Park Sierra

Tuesday Oct. 30 Hello from Park Sierra. I have not written any posts because we have mostly been doing "housekeeping" type chores and I know you aren't interested in that. We have washed and waxed both the car and RV, steam cleaned the RV carpet, cleaned up our lot, and had lots of doctor appointments, lab tests, etc. We are both doing very well, physically, and are grateful for that, when we see people here at our park who are sidelined from traveling because of poor health. Of course, there have also been numerous social events and interactions in which we have been eager participants. We enjoy the Friday social hour held at the clubhouse every week, and have reconnected with many Park Sierra friends. Other friends took us out for a delicious Mexican lunch at El Cid Restaurant in Oakhurst for our 4th wedding anniversary which was Oct. 25.
On this side of the table are Curt & Viv Rogers, Elaine and our nearest neighbor, Jeanne Taylor.
Opposite them are other neighbors, Mary & Rich Baughman, me, and Rodger Lyman. And here is the happy couple:
Former members of Park Sierra, Janice & Ken Ryder, have moved to a house in Coarsegold. They contacted us and told us that their daughter and granddaughter were both performing in a musical at the Golden Chain Theater in Oakhurst, so we went to see it. It was the best performance in a local theater we had ever seen. Here is a picture of Jennifer and her daughter Karah, both of whom did an excellent job!
A few days later we were invited to Happy Hour at Ken & Janice's home. Here they are:
We brought a crab dip to share, but it was outclassed by the pear gallette which Janice had made:
Then we played with the automatic picture taking feature of our camera, so we could have a picture of all of us together:
Sunday we had an impromptu Happy Hour at our lot and lots of friends showed up with snacks and drinks:
No doubt there will be more social events before we leave the park possibly sometime next week. We want to spend some time at Jojoba Hills SKP Park near Temecula, before going to Darran & Marielle's in San Diego to celebrate Thanksgiving.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Looks like a fun happy hour, with fun folks gathering as usual. Sorry we couldn't make it . . . we're always at Jen's house for Sunday Supper on Sundays.

Also sorry we forgot your anniversary (I put it on my calendar for future reference). But looks like you had a grand celebration at El Cid's with lots of friends.

Gary & Cecile Thompson said...

We sure do miss happy hours at your place!