Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Arizona in January

Arizona is going to be the location of our adventures for January.  We drove over to Yuma on Dec. 29 from San Diego, and parked on the property of Ron & Carol Leonard, as usual.  They were visiting Jim & Diane Fisher Baker at Sun City near Phoenix, and they returned on Dec. 31 in the afternoon.  By then, both Elaine and I were down and out with bad colds.  We welcomed them and then returned to our RV so we didn't share our germs with them.  We then spent the next few days resting and avoiding people.  Elaine started to feel better a few days before I did, because she got the cold a few days ahead of me.  The good news is that we started feeling much better a few days ago, and now we are back to seeing people, walking everyday, and trying to exercise.
     Yesterday we drove out to the Escapees park (KOFA) to visit Lee & Susie Blattner.  Susie has Alzheimer's and Lee is now the 100% caretaker.  She smiles and chats a little, laughs a lot, and is still a sweetheart, but Lee has to tell her everything, and she can only handle one thought at a time.  Our Park Sierra neighbors, Dave & Brenda Neil, were at their place too, so we got to see them, and also Monica Rose.  We made a plan to relocate to Quartzite next Monday, and will be staying at the Escapees boon docking area, where the 2 Happy Hours will be held on the 13th and 14th, so we can be with Dave, Brenda, Monica & Hank for a few days.  Then we will move to the Boomers site, just down the road.  Boomerville will be between Jan. 17 and 30 and we will stay for the whole event.
    While we are still here in Yuma, we will be visiting Tom & Judy Tillery, and Eileen & Neil Detloff.    We are also taking care of trying to get new passports, a visa for China, and Global Entry cards so that we can continue to travel all over the world.
     You might be noticing that no pictures have been included in recent blogs.  I am still learning how to manage them on my new MacBook Air.  Also, I have decided that I am simplifying my life, so my blog posts might be few and far between, and might or might not include pictures, depending on how much time I have to do computer work, and how good my internet access is.  It has been very slow and disappointing on recent cruises, which is why I have gotten so far behind in updating this.  Instead of stressing about this, I am just going to slow down.
     We do manage to put a few updates on Facebook periodically, so you can check that.  If you aren't a Facebook friend, just search for us under my name:  Mary Lane, with a profile picture of both of us.  Your other option is to e-mail us at, and I promise to answer you!
     Hope you are having a Happy New Year!!