Monday, June 30, 2014

Arrival of New Granddaughter

Yesterday (6/29/14) Elaine's first biological grandchild was born to Darran & Marielle in San Diego.  Her name is Evelyn, and they will call her Evie.  We would like to see her, and her parents, before we pack up the RV and start heading East, so we are driving down there tomorrow.  We have rented a room in Pacific Beach through and will stay there until Saturday.
     Because we have just returned from our Alaska cruises, I haven't had time to download any pictures or write a blog post about our trip.  I will do so as soon as I have time.  Our cruises were good but the weather was cool and rainy, so not as enjoyable as other trips we have had there.  We are both healthy, and Elaine's elbow has healed quite well.  She is still working on improving her range of motion.
    We returned to our RV at Park Sierra at midnight on Saturday and have just had enough time to wash clothes and pack again.  It has been HOT here; about 100 degrees F every day.  If only we could have merged this with the weather in Alaska and Vancouver; both places would have had much better temps!!