Wednesday, July 26, 2006

7/26/06 Probably you can't imagine that we are still camped in the same spot!! Yes, we are still here at Boca Dam with our friends Bruce and Maria Roberts. Besides the fact that we have a spot overlooking the water and very near their rig so we can have Happy Hours and dinners together, the fact that we are at 5611 feet helps keep it cooler here than other places. Every day Elaine, Maria and I take a 2 1/2 mile hike up to Boca Springs. Then Elaine and Bruce go fishing for a few hours and usually catch between 6-9 rainbow trout. We often ride our bikes or use our inflatable kayaks for more exercise. And we are trying to catch up on computer chores, paperwork, and reading up on Turkey or Egypt for our upcoming trip. Every week on Monday we go into Reno because it is Bruce and Maria's day off, and we hit one of the buffets and then do shopping, laundry, etc. as well as visiting some casinos. Yesterday, I drove to Sparks and picked up my granddaughters, Paige and Michaela, and brought them out to spend the day with us. They swam, snorkeled, kayaked, snacked, and just generally had a great time. Bruce drove Paige and Elaine further up river to a place where they could put our kayaks in and run some rapids and end up back at our camp. They said it was awesome. My daughter, Laura, joined us after work and we had a nice dinner of grilled trout and trout in jalapeno and artichoke sauce, with grilled asparagus, salad and grilled potatoes and onions. All this playing in the water and sun requires lots of energy food!! Laura and the girls kayaked some more after dinner. Then we just had to have s'mores (graham crax with toasted marshmallows and chocolate- yum) before Laura and the girls drove home. It was so much fun we have already planned a repeat for next Tuesday. Friday we are going with all of them to the water slide park in Sparks. Now this is a LOT better than working on rentals!!!!

Sunset at our camping spot at Boca Dam. Posted by Picasa

Mary with our campground and Boca Reservoir in the background. Posted by Picasa

Elaine and Bruce fishing near our camping spot. Posted by Picasa

My granddaughters, Paige & Michaela, visit us for the day. Posted by Picasa

Paige & Michaela enjoy swimming in the inlet near our RV. Posted by Picasa

Elaine and Paige run the river in our kayaks. Posted by Picasa

Paige comes in after running the river with Elaine. Posted by Picasa

Elaine comes in after running the river in her kayak. Posted by Picasa

My daughter, Laura & Michaela in our kayaks. Posted by Picasa

Maria, Bruce, Elaine, Laura, Paige & Michaela having dinner at the campground. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

7/16/06 This update is being written at Boca Rest Campground near Boca Reservoir, which is located between Truckee and Reno, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Our friends, Bruce & Maria Roberts, who were with us on our Panama trip in 2004, are the campground hosts here. They arranged for us to have a lovely site overlooking the water. It feels good to be set up here for a while, now that we have finished fixing up our rental house in Woodland and the new tenants have moved in. That happened last Wednesday, and we were very glad the whole fix-up process was over because we were EXHAUSTED! We are still in recovery mode.

From Woodland, we drove to Roseville to visit our dear friends, Jan & Bill Vecchio. How nice to camp in their driveway and have them prepare a delicious pasta dinner for us while we just SAT. The next day we drove to Lake Wildwood, near Grass Valley, to visit my youngest brother, Jerry, and his wife, Diann. They moved to a lovely home right on the golf course there last year, and have been enjoying retirement and frequent golf episodes ever since. Now they have a new corgi puppy, named Penny, who is quite energetic, and very cute and charming. They also have a new boat, which enabled us to go out on the lake on Friday with Jerry. It was a beautiful day, the water was warm yet refreshing, and we enjoyed the outing.

Saturday we drove here to Boca Reservoir and although it was packed with weekenders, it was still great to be here. At 5600 feet elevation, it is cooler than in the valley and yet there is lots of sun. Today most of the campers left and it is quiet. Bruce and Elaine have even gone out on the lake to try to catch a few trout, even though they didn’t leave until nearly 8:30 PM. Bruce says the trout mostly bite between 9:30 and 11:30 AM so we will see how they do.

Our plan is to stay here a few weeks because I would like to visit my daughter and granddaughters, who live in Sparks. We also need to take care of business that piled up while we were in Portugal, Spain and Morocco and also fixing up the rental. The dreaded taxes still need to be done too, as well as quite a bit of research for our upcoming trip in August. On August 28 we are leaving for Istanbul. After 5 days there on our own, we are supposed to join a 31 day tour with Imaginative Traveller through Turkey, Syria, Jordan and ending in Cairo. Then we have 5 days alone in Cairo before joining a 16 day tour through Egypt. Of course, with all the developments in the Middle East, it remains to be seen whether these trips will take place. Lots can happen between now and when those tours start, so we aren’t going to fret about it.

So, if any of you are in the Lake Tahoe, Reno area, give us a call at 928-581-3624 and we can make plans to get together.

For those of you who have e-mailed us and not received a reply, thanks because we love to hear from you and now that we have a bit of time, I will try to catch up on some replies.

Monday, July 03, 2006

7/3/06 Last night and today I have spent a bit of time posting quite a few of our Morocco pictures. Blogger didn't put some of them in the right order, but we hope you will enjoy them anyway. Thanks for traveling with us - it was a great trip, as you will see in these photos.
We continue to work on our rental house in Woodland and already have lined up a nice family to rent it. They will be moving in July 15. Now we REALLY have to hurry with our painting and fixing!!
Our hotel in Casablanca Posted by Picasa
View from our window at Casablanca Hotel Posted by Picasa
Hassan II Mosque Posted by Picasa
Inside Hassan II Mosque Posted by Picasa
Marble floor of Hassan II Mosque Posted by Picasa
Arches & Balcony of Hassan II Mosque Posted by Picasa
Hammam area of Hassan II Mosque Posted by Picasa
Gate to old city of Fes Posted by Picasa
Wool shop in Fes Posted by Picasa
Beggars in Fes Posted by Picasa
Mary & Elaine overlooking city of Fes Posted by Picasa