Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today is absolutely gorgeous here in Sequim, overlooking the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the spit leading out to the Dungeness Lighthouse. It has been sunny (temp in mid-70’s) and calm – the water is like glass. It makes us a bit sad that we will be departing from this beautiful spot tomorrow.
We are parked on the lawn at the cottages owned by Elaine’s cousin, Sheila. They are called the Juan de Fuca Cottages and they are right on the bluff overlooking the water. She has 7 cottages and it is the highest class place in Sequim. We have had many enjoyable times here in past years when we have visited. Perhaps this will be coming to an end, as Sheila has the place up for sale. She would like to retire, and after 24 years here, she deserves it.
Yesterday we had our car in for the 30,000 mile servicing at the Subaru dealer in Port Angeles. Considering that it cost over $700, it didn’t seem like they did much, but they did check everything and that turned out to be a Godsend. They found that the base plate on the front of the car which attaches to our tow bar was missing 2 bolts and the other 2 were loose. In a short time, the whole base plate would have come off and our car would have been free wheeling all over the road.
When we arrived at Sheila’s, we invited her to dinner at the nearby Indian casino called 7 Cedars. They have a very good steak dinner special there for just $5.95 and a nice selection of microbrewed beers. Elaine paid for dinner and then decided to play craps to earn the dinner money back. Hooray – it worked and she made $100 and left the table.
Lest you all think all we do is play all the time, I want to tell you what I did today. I mowed Sheila’s huge lawn. Of course, she does have a riding mower, so it was rather fun! Tonight we will barbeque some of the silver salmon Elaine caught recently and have a farewell dinner with Sheila.
See the new pictures of this gorgeous place.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Elaine catches her first salmon. Posted by Picasa
Hello. This is our new blog. Our friends Jonna and Mimi are here with us in Seiku, Washington and Jonna helped us set up this blog. Why are we here, you ask? Because our fishing group, The RoVing Rods, has been having a gathering here since the 10th of August. Elaine has been going out fishing with the guys on their boats, and Mary has been helping process the catch when she comes in. Elaine cleans the fish, and then we put them in a brine using brown sugar and salt, smoke them, and then can them in pint and half pint jars. Some days Elaine caught her limit (4), and other days just 1 or 2. She was catching silver salmon and humpies, but 2 days she caught big Kings, one was about 25 pounds (!), but she couldn't keep them because the season for them had just ended.
Besides fishing and preparing the catch, there have been daily social hours and delicious potlucks with all of the fun and interesting people who attended this event. It was hosted by Ron Bonham and Chuck Palumbo, who did a wonderful job. They also were kind enough to take Elaine fishing on their boats quite a few times. Our friends Ken & Carolyn Kimpton, who were on the Panama Canal trip with us in 2004 and the trans-Atlantic cruise in May, also stayed here with us for about a week.
Tomorrow we pack up and head back to Port Angeles to have our Subaru serviced. Then we will spend a few more days visiting Elaine's cousin, Sheila, in Sequim.