Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Still At Park Sierra

Hello Blog Readers,
     I haven't been posting to this blog because we have not been traveling, which in our minds means "boring".  We have been trying to do some RV fixes, and we managed to get the bathroom painted.  Since there is always the threat of fire here, we are also about 2/3 done with going through the contents of our shed and cleaning out some stuff.  And as of about 20 minutes ago, we are both mostly packed for our upcoming travels.  There are always social events going on here at Park Sierra, so we go to some of those, and some of our good friends and neighbors have entertained us as well.  The weather has been fairly good, with some days in the low 90's, and some days in the 80's.  Good weather for walking and exercising, since we are on our usual quest to drop a few pounds in between cruises.  
     Next Tuesday we will take Amtrak to Richmond, then BART to the SFO airport, and the hotel shuttle to our hotel.  That evening we will take BART in to San Francisco to have dinner with my son, Thomas, and his partner, Robert.  Wednesday we will have breakfast at the airport, with Elaine's daughter, Tarra, when she gets off her shift at Virgin America.  Then we fly to Quebec City.  We will be staying with some friends who live near there.  We met them on our very first camping trip to Mexico in 1994, and we have been friends ever since.  No doubt I will be posting some pictures in the next blog post because they will be showing us around, and we also will stay for a few days at their chalet on the St. Lawrence River.  On Oct. 19 we board the Serenade of the Seas, which will sail to Ft. Lauderdale, going around the maritime provinces, and New England, so we hope for some Fall color leaf peeping.  Then Elaine and I are staying on board for 2 more Caribbean cruises.  These trips are hard to pack for because we will have cool weather in the north and warm weather in the Caribbean.  We have not been to many of the ports, so these should be fun cruises.
     We are both well and are hoping that all of you are also doing fine.  Please feel free to contact us with an update once in a  while - we love that.  I will write more later after we have had some interesting adventures to share and we have some pictures.