Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3/20/07 Below are a few pictures we took while visiting our Boomer friends, Carole & Dick Schneider who have a lot at Jojoba Hills SKP Park. We were there about 10 days ago and stayed for 6 days. What a great time we had with them and what a lovely park that is - you can see the beautiful and refreshing swimming pool. They also have 2 hot tubs, which we used and enjoyed nearly every day. Carole is a great cook and we shared many delicious meals with them. While we were there, Elaine's son, Darran visited us. That is him, hugging his Mom. It turned out to be nice that we were staying only 1 1/2 hours away from him because we took our BIG recliner out of our rig and drove it down to him for his new apartment. Then we went out and bought a new chair of a more appropriate size (smaller) for our rig. We did this the same day we were having a propane oven installed at the National RV Factory Service Center in Perris, CA. We are very happy to have it and are sure we will have LOTS of great meals using it.
Now we are back at Park Sierra where it is raining today but the other days have been sunny, warm and beautiful. The spring flowers are out and we are enjoying our daily walks. In a few weeks there will be an event here called Stagecoach Days and we are going to be helping with it. Our other plans are to reorganize things in our new RV and get totally packed a ready to drive up to Washington for the beginning of our camp hosting stint on May 25. We fly to Houston on April 20 for our next trans-Atlantic cruise, which ends in Barcelona on May 6. We will visit Elaine's nephew and family near Seville for a few days and then fly back for our drive up to Washington. We will be camp hosting at Lake Kachess, near exit 62 off I-90 between May 25 and Labor Day weekend. This is such a departure from our usual summer plans! Neither of us has worked for 20 years!! We hope that any of you who can will visit us there. Just call us ahead of time so we can reserve a campsite for you.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

3/4/07 Sorry we haven't posted for several weeks. Not much exciting news. We have been in Laughlin, NV, first at the Avi Casino and for the past week parked behind the Ramada Express. Several sets of our friends have been with us and we enjoyed their company very much. Lee and Susie Blattner were here with us at the Ramada and other friends, John and Vi Primmer with us at the Avi. Other RV friends, John & Cathy Robnik, joined us for one day and night on their way to NASCAR work in Las Vegas. We went out with them for a microbrew at the Colorado Belle one afternoon at about 4pm. One thing led to another and by the time the evening ended at about 12:30 am, we had imbibed enough to allow ourselves the craziness of going bowling at the Riverside. We haven't been bowling for about 28 years and we paid the price with some sore muscles for the next few days. Our current plan, the next time we get together with Cathy and John, is to skip bowling and try roller-skating...
I have finally finished some paperwork and the dreaded taxes, while Elaine has managed to keep herself busy in the casinos. We paid our camping fees that way, but luckily didn't take a huge hit to the wallet except in the Sam's Club and thrift stores. The sun has been shining most days but unfortunately, the wind has been ferocious and has even kept us from doing our daily walk on a few occasions. Since we are trying to get in decent shape before our next cruise, this has been annoying! Today we are heading towards California, where we will spend some time at the Jojoba Hills SKP Park, in Southern California while waiting for our appointment at the National RV factory on March 12. This new rig we have, which we still love, didn't have a propane oven when we bought it, just a convection oven. As all you RVers know, this means we have to use a lot of electricity to bake anything, and we like to boondock all the time, so usually don't have electrical hookups. We NEED an oven - so we are paying big time to have one installed.
We have friends at Jojoba and are looking forward to some fun times with them too. More on that in the next installment.