Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hello. This is our new blog. Our friends Jonna and Mimi are here with us in Seiku, Washington and Jonna helped us set up this blog. Why are we here, you ask? Because our fishing group, The RoVing Rods, has been having a gathering here since the 10th of August. Elaine has been going out fishing with the guys on their boats, and Mary has been helping process the catch when she comes in. Elaine cleans the fish, and then we put them in a brine using brown sugar and salt, smoke them, and then can them in pint and half pint jars. Some days Elaine caught her limit (4), and other days just 1 or 2. She was catching silver salmon and humpies, but 2 days she caught big Kings, one was about 25 pounds (!), but she couldn't keep them because the season for them had just ended.
Besides fishing and preparing the catch, there have been daily social hours and delicious potlucks with all of the fun and interesting people who attended this event. It was hosted by Ron Bonham and Chuck Palumbo, who did a wonderful job. They also were kind enough to take Elaine fishing on their boats quite a few times. Our friends Ken & Carolyn Kimpton, who were on the Panama Canal trip with us in 2004 and the trans-Atlantic cruise in May, also stayed here with us for about a week.
Tomorrow we pack up and head back to Port Angeles to have our Subaru serviced. Then we will spend a few more days visiting Elaine's cousin, Sheila, in Sequim.


Laura said...

AWESOME!! And you did not have to wait for me!! Got 8 bottles of the horseradish you wanted.
I love your blog, this is great. You have my blog site right?
We are in Grand Junction leaving tomorrow for Dinasaur NP then on the boondockers 'vous in Stanley, ID then on to Oregon. Cannot wait to see you. Oh do not use pocketmail use love you, laura

Padraic & Willie said...

Hello Mary and Elaine, welcome and join the club of BLOG. As you might not know. We have a BLOG like yours. Our address is

Rooster & Old Hen said...

YO! That's one great fish Elaine! And what a smile!
BLOG'S ARE GOOD! Velly professional - just like you two!

Good to hear from you and happy to hear you are catching some good ones. Salmon are fun to catch!

All's well in the Rooster's Coop and the Old Hen ain't so bad herself - been doing a lot of scratchin' with those boys from England. They leave next Mon - it's been a lot of fun.
Think we are heading back to the hacienda mid Sept.
Paid $3 a gallon for gas the other day - - ya think it will hit $4 by December??? :) Yikes! What are they doing to us???
Love ya, c-ya soon, rooster & old hen

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Way to go Elaine! Man I bet when Ken sees this he will be itching to do that someday too! You can teach him how! And Mary, hope you can guide me through my first canning with a pressure cooker when we get to Winchester Bay . . . you seem to be a pro at that! Glad to see you are "Bloggers" . . . I set our site up yesterday too! Check it out . . .! We'll keep checking your blog out to stay current on your travels. See you soon!

John & Cathy Robnik said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Miss you both lots hope to see you sometime this winter!!
Check out our blog at

Art and Sammie said...

WOW -- What a GREAT IDEA. We love your BLOG. Will enjoy your travels even more now. 25 pounder, Elaine. Way to go and CRAPS winner. Boy, come rub my head. Hope you trim ken in cribbage while they are there. Pictures are great. Sorry Shiela is selling the place. It is so pretty. Remember the great crabs we enjoyed there. Mary, you are so bright. We miss you gals. Come see us when u get back to Pos. Take care (scarey about the plate on your tow system) have fun and we hope to see you soon. Huggs and stuff. Art, Sammie and the doggie pound

CrestaFamily said...

Very cool. It's nice to see pictures. Mom, you're such a great writer, I hope you'll have enough space for your long and interesting travelogues.
Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!
Love you both!