Friday, October 12, 2012

Dashing Cross Country Visiting Family & Friends

10/12/12 Once again, I can't seem to get the pictures to line up correctly with the dialogue, so you will have to figure it out yourself as you read along!!! We have been back on our RV lot at Park Sierra since Tuesday night, and have so many necessary chores backed up that I can barely find time for this update. Considering that we left the family farm in Illinois only 10 days before arriving here, I think we made it in record time. Especially when you consider the visits we did on the way. First we stopped in Denver to see my twin sister, Marsha. Here is a picture of us together:
As you can tell, we aren't identical twins! She is a retired nurse who eventually worked for an organ transplant company so she coordinated 5 hospitals in the Denver area. Now she is retired and has started her own "fun" business. Here is the sign on the side of her truck:
She sells her cookies online and also at a local farmer's market every Sunday. Her cookies are SO GOOD that people keep coming back every week for them and are upset if she ever takes any time off! Here is the sign she puts out at the market - you can see she makes lots of yummy ones.
And here is the sign that is on the other side of her truck:
While we were there, she fixed us a yummy chicken and shrimp pad thai dinner which was awesome. Her partner, Debbie, is still working, but she came home for dinner and here is a picture of the 2 of them:
Marsha has 2 grown sons, but Debbie and Marsha's youngest still lives at home. His name is Joseph and he is 15. It was great to see him again and wow, has he grown a lot since the last time we saw him!
The next day we were leaving, but managed to join Barry & Jan Kessler, and Carole Schneider (she was also flying out that same day), for an awesome breakfast at a restaurant called Snooze. They had the most innovative menu items and delicious food; no wonder they were rated #1 online when Jan checked for good restaurants. Try it if you are ever in Denver.
We continued to shoot across the country, stopping next in Sparks (near Reno) to see my daughter, Laura. She was 6 when Elaine and I first got together, and now she has celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday. Here is a picture of her with her 2 Moms:
We have had delightful social times with Laura and one of her work friends, Nanette, in our previous visits to Reno. So Nanette took the time to come over to see us while we were at Laura's the first night, and it is always fun to be with her:
Laura and her fiance', Dennis, cooked us a delicious and healthful meal the first night, but I neglected to get a picture of it. The next night they came over to our rig for Happy Hour:
Then we took them out to Campos, a new restaurant right on the Truckee River in downtown Reno to celebrate Laura's birthday.
It was a good meal and great to have time with them before we had to sprint for California the next day. Couldn't drive through the Sacramento area without stopping to see our good friends, Ron & Carol Leonard, who have a lovely and spacious property where they graciously allow us to park our RV when we need to be in that area. After checking out some of our rentals in the area, we enjoyed a delightful social gathering with 3 Boomer couples, and also other friends of the Leonard's. Here is a picture of the group:
The Boomer couples are Ron & Carol Leonard:
Jim & Diane FisherBaker:
Laurie Brown & Odel King:
Laurie & Odel have recently purchased a home up in the foothills area north of Sacramento and are adjusting to being part time RVers now. The next day we again forged ahead and stopped at the Fremont Elks for the night. Elaine's daughter, Tarra, and her family live there, and we also needed to check the rental houses we have in the Bay Area. Here is a picture of Elaine and Tarra:
Tarra will be celebrating her 37th birthday on Oct. 20th. Her husband is Alonzo, and here is that happy couple:
Almost as soon as we got set up, they whisked us off the a softball field in Newark where two of their daughters, Analy and Alia, were playing softball. We had to go back and forth between fields to watch them bat, run the bases, etc. They are both very good players, as is Ari, the oldest daughter who wasn't playing that day. Here is a picture of Elaine and Tarra with Analy, who is 10, and wearing her very classy uniform:
After the games, we picked up my son, Thomas, who lives in San Francisco and who took BART down to Fremont to join us for dinner. Thomas' partner, Robert,wasn't feeling well enough to join us, unfortunately. Here is the proud Mom and son:
Then we all went over to a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant for a meal which was entertaining and delicious.
Alonzo's three girls dressed up for the occasion, and don't they look great?!
A lot of the fun of the meal is the antics of the chef, who is making a lot of flame and smoke in this picture. Isn't the look on Analy's face a hoot??!!
The next day we pressed on to Fresno, where Tuesday we had set up a lot of appointments. In one day we got 6 new RV tires installed, a new windshield on the car, a trip to Kaiser for mammograms and flu shots, a lots of shopping to restock our fridge and pantry. Now that we are back at Park Sierra for about a month, we have tons of projects to do. The rig needs some repairs and LOTS of cleaning, as does the car. I think we snagged about 1/2 the bugs living in the midwest on the front of our rig!!! Of course, we also have more planning and arranging to do for future travels. So the next post will be about Park Sierra activities and socializing, and after that, the traveling begins again!!!

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Mary, it's always delightful reading about your travels, family and friends. Got tear in my eye when I saw the pic of you 2, Fisher/Bakers, Brown/Kings and Leonards.What a fun group! Sure hope you sent that one to Bernita for the Boomer newsletter. Will we see you at Q and the Steps again? Hugs, J&C