Monday, November 19, 2012

Southern California Visit

11/17/12 Hi From the SKP park near Temecula called Jojoba Hills. We have been here since last Sunday and have been enjoying some quiet time, in between social times with friends. Before we left Park Sierra, our good friends Ken & Carolyn Kimpton returned to the park, so we managed to have some social time with them. Here they are with Elaine when we had them over for dinner for Carolyn's birthday:
A few days later, we went down to their place to be with Democratic friends on Election night. First we had a Happy Hour with friends on Ken & Carolyn's deck:
From the left are Verna, Elaine, Ken, Mary & Dave Fountain, and Fay & Stan, some new park members. After everyone else left, we hung out with Ken & Carolyn until Obama was declared the winner and then we went home. What a great election! We were very happy about the addition of more women to the Congress, as well as the Gay marriage issues which passed, in addition to Obama's reelection. Boomer friends, Carole and Dick Schneider, and Terry & Vicky Webb have lots here. They came over the other night for a shrimp pad thai dinner:
From the left you see Dick, me, Terry, Vicky & Carole. Of course, Carole has had us over several times which is always a delight because she is a gourmet cook. Last Tuesday we had an unexpected treat, Boomer friends Tom & Nancy Vineski called to say they were at their lot in Glen Eden, and did we want to get together for lunch at an Indian Restaurant? You bet!!! So we met them at Mantra, in Temecula, which turned out to have really delicious food, and since it was a buffet, we got to try lots of different dishes. All were excellent, and the cost for lunch was only $8 per person. Carole & Dick Schneider went with us too. Here is the well-fed group after we finished lunch:
Friday we went to the weekly Happy Hour at the Friendship Hall at Jojoba and had a great time meeting some new people and schmoozing with old friends. Here are a couple of pictures: In this one you can see Elaine with Carole and Zoe Macon in the middle (Kathleen & Mike & Joe, new friends, are the other people)
From right to left are John Macon, Dick Schneider, and Carolyn & Bill Weir:
Today we left Jojoba and drove to San Diego where we are now parked in Campland on the Bay, a pricey RV park about 1 mile from Darran & Marielle's apartment, and right on Mission Bay. Darran is paying for us to stay here for 2 nights, and then we will move up to Marielle's sister's house, where the Thanksgiving event will take place, and we can park in front of their house. Marielle's parents have already arrived from Long Island. It was sunny and warm here today, with more sun scheduled for tomorrow - hooray. We did a fairly long walk today and will try for a longer walk tomorrow. Friday we will leave and head for Anza Borrego to camp for a few days in the desert with Lee & Susie Blattner. As soon as the San Diego visit is over, I will post some pictures of the festivities and also Darran & Marielle, the cuties.

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Have a fun and yummy Happy Thanksgiving with all your family and friends!