Wednesday, June 02, 2010

While fellow Escapee member Steve O’Bosky is working on our satellite TV system, I will have some time to finally update this blog. Our system went kaput several months ago, as we were heading back to Park Sierra after crossing the country. There was no need to fix it then because Park Sierra has good cable TV, and then we were off to Europe for a month. Now that we are going to be in this area for at least another month, this is our chance to get it fixed. Having Steve do it necessitated quite a drive up into the mountains near Kings Canyon NP, where he lives. It is beautiful up here and about 10 degrees cooler than in Fresno, on the valley floor. Yes, the weather here has warmed up quite a lot and the prediction is that we will have temps in the 100’s by Monday. A good time to shampoo our carpets and do some other much-needed Spring cleaning.
Our last blog post was from Yuma, where Elaine completed her dental implant, and we had a very nice visit with our friends, Rick & Denice Osborne. On the drive back from there we stopped once again in San Diego in order to visit old friends Kathy & Sally. It is rare that we are able to connect with them because they are also avid travelers, and they have a second home in Idaho for the summer, so we were lucky they were still in town. Here is a picture of the 4 of us at the restaurant.

Once we got back to Park Sierra, the main purpose to be there was to have some doctor’s appointments and tests, so we have been doing that in between social engagements. It has been fun to see old friends and neighbors at Park Sierra. Curt Rogers brought Elaine an old washing machine agitator to use as a fire pit so she has been having campfires and Happy Hours at our site on a regular basis. Here are a few pictures:
Carole Schneider, Dave & Mary Fountain, and Alan Rodely near our shed.

Viv & Curt Rogers, Bev Mauck, & Cecile Thompson with Rodely’s lot in the background.

Bev Mauck (on the right) a new Park Sierra member, with Susan & Betty, guests, at our ladies only Happy Hour.

Last week Carole & Dick Schneider arrived to stay at our park so we have been doing lots of wine tasting, picnicking, and Happy Hours with them. It has been fun to explore the area with them since we have done so little of it on our own in the past. We had no idea that the Madera Wine Trail had such good wineries! Our first one was the Idle Hour Winery in Oakhurst which had wonderful wines and a delightful picnic spot down by the Fresno River. We met the winemakers, a young couple named Deb and Anna Maria, and then ran into them 2 days later when we visited the Birdstone Winery for a tasting. They were there bottling a new white wine which they will be unveiling on June 12. They invited us to the party and we are looking forward to the music, food and wine and the chance to meet some more local women. Here is a picture of Deb and Anna Maria:

And here is a picture of Carole & Elaine tasting wine at Birdstone with Kimberly, one of the owners. They have wonderful wines and do a very nice tasting, and made us feel so welcome.

Another day we four drove up in the Sierras to have a picnic at Nelder Grove, which is a smaller grove of Sequoia trees than the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite NP. Unfortunately, because there has been so much snow and rain, there were waterfalls going across the road in, and lots of tree branches down, so we never made it all the way to the grove of trees. But we did stop at a sunny place for a picnic:

Memorial Day we were invited to a BBQ at our friends Gary & Ceceile Thompson’s lot. They had delicious salmon and smoked pork, and the rest of us provided side dishes. Our good friends Ken & Janice Ryder were there too and here is a cute picture of them:

It was also fun to schmooze with some other park members in attendance whom we don’t often see socially. Here is a picture of Elaine & Carole with Gary & Ceceile and Ken Ryder.

The food was delicious and here is an example of it – Cecile’s colorful berry trifle:

We will be at Park Sierra until at least the end of the month, having more medical tests and I am scheduled for foot surgery on June 17. Our health is good overall, and since these are just little maintenance appointments, you don’t need to worry about us – ok??

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