Friday, June 11, 2010

Not much news to report. We have been having some medical appointments and all is well. Next Monday I have my 2 pre-op appointments and Thursday my hammertoe surgery. There is a good chance we can talk the doctor into letting Elaine handle my follow-up stuff so we can leave the area for a while. Mike & Marilyn have invited us up to their place at Agency Lake just above Klamath Lake, in Oregon, and we would like to go there. We will also stop to inspect our rentals on the way north. Then we will have to return to Park Sierra the last week in July because I have been scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand July 30. It shouldn't take me long to heal, so Elaine's hand surgery will be on August 10. Then we hope to leave again and head up to Oregon for some crabbing.
One nice thing about being here has been having the time to schmooze more with our good neighbors, the Rodelys and Jeanne Taylor. Here is a picture taken when we all got together on our patio.

From left to right: Carol Rodely, Alan Rodely, Rodger Lyman, Elaine, and Jeanne Taylor.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Good picture! Alan, especially looks good and it's nice to see Jeanne back.
I'll be having my biopsy done on Tuesday . . . it's tough having to be tied down in the hot Central Valley when we should all be in Oregon! But, oh well! We'll get through it all! Hope the doc lets Elaine take care of you after surgery . . . like she doesn't know what she's doing???

TravelingGrammy said...

Good thoughts for all of you! I'm in WA, on my way to Calgary. It's just a shame I can't be in both places.....