Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/10 Well, my foot surgery was yesterday and all went well, I think. Won't know until Monday when the bandages come off and I have my follow-up appointment. Here is the picture Elaine took of me yesterday in the hospital just before they wheeled me off to the operating room:

The hardest part is sitting here on the couch with my foot up, because I am not accustomed to being so inactive! The pain hasn't been bad and I am even planning to hobble over to the weekly Happy hour at the clubhouse this afternoon. Tomorrow there will be another Happy Hour here in our neighborhood because Tom & Judy Tillery, who used to have a lot here and are now visitors, are staying on Brenda and Dave Neil's lot right across the street from us. I will be sure to get a picture of them at this event so we can post it next time.
The doctor said that Elaine can remove my stitches and do the rest of my follow-up stuff so we will be leaving Monday for the Bay Area. It will be good to see Tarra (Elaine's daughter) and family again and check on all our rentals. After that we will repeat the process in the Roseville area. The biggest bummer is that when we contacted our tenants in Woodland about coming for an inspection, they said that they will probably be moving in August! Darn - there goes some of the time we had hoped to have to return to Oregon for crabbing. But these rentals provide our ONLY retirement income so we had better pay attention to business, right??!!
The more we sit here on our lot, the more time Elaine spends on the internet looking at cruises. So she just found a great deal and booked us on it and I want to tell you about it in case any of you want to join us. As you might remember, we are going to India for most of the month of November, then flying to Barcelona to take the Adventure of the Seas back on a 14 day transatlantic. It ends in Puerto Rico, a place we have never been before. The end of that cruise is Dec. 12 and on Dec. 13 Celebrity Millennium leaves for 11 days in the southern Caribbean visiting lots of really neat islands which we have also never visited. It is very cheap, at $699 pp for an inside cabin. Yes, it gets back to Puerto Rico on Dec. 24, which might be a problem for some people, but not us. So, if you want a nice cheap cruise that goes neat places, with fun people (us), look on the Celebrity website.


Ron and Sharon said...

I'm glad to hear that your foot surgery went well & you will be up and around soon. As for the carpal tunnel surgery, I do hope it goes well & you will be able to use your hand without pain. We are in northern Illinois visiting family with a new baby & having fun, despite all the rain.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

Colette said...

As always we enjoyed reading your blog. Hope all continues to go well with your recovery Mary and you can enjoy all your exciting plans. Hugs to both from us Flo and Co