Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another update from the desert off Sidewinder Road on the west side of Yuma. Yesterday and today have been very windy again, but the rest of the week was pleasant and warm. There are 9 rigs of Boomers here and today we had an afternoon potluck to celebrate Frank’s 65th birthday. The food was delicious, as always, and the company very enjoyable, even if the wind did make it a bit uncomfortable to be eating outside.
New arrivals this week were Jim & Diane Fisher-Baker, Ed & Jolene Northup, Karen and Mickey Bennett, and Kaaren and Bill Payne.
This week we have been doing a few projects around the rig in between trips to Yuma. Elaine has broken out her paintbrushes and is once again painting Mexican colors in our rig. She has also put up a few Christmas decorations to make things look festive. Beading with Laura and Gretchen happens periodically as well. One day we drove over to Algodones, the Mexican town just across the border, where we had delicious shrimp tacos for lunch and bought some medicines and kahlua. Yesterday we drove all over Yuma with Gordon and Laura, hitting garage and yard sales. Wednesday we had lunch with Lee & Susie at their new lot at the SKP park, had happy hour with Helena and Jack Vincent at their place in the Foothills, and then crashed in on Eileen and Ray Cooper, who live nearby. One of the enjoyable parts of being here at this time of the year is that so many of our friends are here too!

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