Sunday, December 18, 2005

12/18/05 Hi from Tucson. We are here visiting Elaine's sister, Penny, and we will be spending Christmas with her. Prior to coming here, we had been at Sidewinder Road with the Boomers. Last Monday, our good friends Lee & Susie left the SKP park where they have their new lot, and joined us out in the desert. Susie and I are both of Norwegian heritage. Susie knows how to make a Norwegian potato pancake called lefse, so we had bonding over lefse making. The hardest part is getting the potato mixture the correct consistency so that the finished product hangs together but isn't tough. Susie did that part. Then we took turns rolling out the dough and transferring the flattened disks to the hot griddle. Just as I approached the stove with my first attempt, it broke in two and half fell on the floor. Luckily, things improved after that and I kind of got the hang of it. Both of my sisters were experts at making this dish, so now I feel like although I am not in their league, I have at least learned a bit more about my heritage. Thanks Susie for your patience as my teacher!!
It was sad leaving our friends, the Boomers, on Friday. We were so comfy out there, especially since John and Vi Primmer had arrived with their datastorm satellite dish and we all had internet access!! Thanks John and Vi! The gang that is left will be having a nice dinner in a Yuma restaurant for Christmas. And they will be having a get-together at Larry & Debbie Crutcher's on Dec. 21 for the annual Parade of Lights. Boomers know how to have a good time!
We will be glad to rejoin them after Christmas so we can be there for the New Year's Z Circle.

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