Sunday, December 25, 2005

12/25/05 Merry Christmas! It has been so wonderfully warm here in Tucson for the last week that we can hardly believe it is the end of December. Today it was 81 degrees and we wore shorts, tee shirts, and sandals all day. Sure makes it a lot easier to get out there to do our 4 mile walk around nearby Reid Park everyday. We have been parked in the driveway of Penny's rented house, just off 22nd Avenue. Quite a change from her old neighborhood up in the northwest part of Tucson. Besides trying to keep up our exercise routine, having visits with Penny, and also her daughter Suzanne, and family, who live across the street, and doing some shopping, we have been trying to clean up the car and RV.
During our week here, we had a delightful lunch with Diana and George Rulens, who are Boomer friends. They were camped at Beaudry RV, the upscale RV resort. They also provided us with quite a delicious lunch, and a bagful of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, all growing in profusion at the resort. Another day we lunched at Metropolitan Grill with Elaine's aunt Marion, and Penny too of course, since we were using one of her gift certificates! Quite delicious food is served here, and we would recommend it. It is also located in the same plaza as Trader Joe's.
Christmas Eve day we shared the cooking duties with Penny and the three of us created a traditional turkey feast with all the trimmings. I tried a new recipe for yams with citrus and it was much better than the usual marshmallow ones. Penny made really tasty and moist mashed potatoes, stuffing, and tender delicious turkey. It was great having all the leftovers to eat today and not having to cook again.
Christmas is a family time and we certainly miss our kids, grandkids, and siblings on these occasions. Luckily we were able to talk to many of them by phone today. We usually visit them on our RV travels at other times of the year, leaving them free to share these holidays with other family or friends. We hope they all had a marvelous Christmas!
Now that we have succeeded in catching up on our chores, and we have had adequate visits with Penny, we will be hitting the road again tomorrow, heading back to Yuma and the Boomer gang at Sidewinder Road.

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