Sunday, May 03, 2015

Update From Malaysia

Today we are in Port Klang, the port for Kuala Lumpur.  We didn't go in because it is a long drive, and we have been here before on a land tour a few years ago.  Yesterday was the start of our second cruise - Singapore to Dubai.  There are lots of friends on board and we are having good times.  The last cruise was great - Sydney to Singapore.  We got out of Sydney just in time because a huge storm hit and there was even flooding and lots of trees down.  The ports for that cruise were Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Komodo Island, Bali, and Singapore.  I have been taking pictures and have a lot to share with you, but can't download them now and we have had very limited internet access.  So you will have to air until we return to California on June 12.
     One exciting event happening on this cruise is thqt we will achieve Pinnacle status, which is the highest on Royal Caribbean.  The other event will be our 36 th anniversary on May 6.  We are both well, trying to stay fit, and having good social times with all the friends.

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