Friday, March 27, 2015

 Getting Ready For Adventure Down Under
Today is our last day at Park Sierra since we start our travels to Australia tomorrow.  We have been busy organizing, packing, and socializing, so I have been neglecting this blog - again.  Also, we haven't been doing anything exciting, as far as travels go.
     This has been a beautiful time to be here on our lot at Park Sierra.  Here are a few pictures of our rig and our lot:

The weather has been warm and sunny and everything is green, as the trees leaf out again.  This is the view out our side window:
The wildflowers are popping out all over the place.

     Since St. Patrick's Day occurred while we were here, we attended the dinner at the park clubhouse.  It was great to see a lot of our old friends, and sit with some of them at our table.  Here is Elaine with Lorna Dunham, Betty Prange, and Elleen Deck:
 The other side of the table is where I sat with Curt & Viv Rogers, and Carol Rodely (our neighbor):
     One of our dear friends, Betty Prange, finally decided to get a lot here and has been a member now for about 5 months.  She had us over for a delicious dinner of Moroccan lemon chicken with couscous:
She is also going to drive us to Fresno tomorrow to catch the Amtrak train to Richmond.  The Richmond station also has a BART station, so we can change there to BART to go to the San Francisco airport.  Our plane doesn't leave until 10:15PM.
     Tuesday we had a small Happy Hour event on our lot because some friends had just arrived back in the park, and other friends were leaving (including us).  Here is Judy Farrow and Lou Stoetzer, who have been here while Lou had some medical procedures:
The neighbors who live across the street, Brenda & Dave Neil, are just back from wintering down in Yuma:
And the rest of the gang sat around and caught up on each others news:
We are lucky that we have such great friends here at the park, and also on the cruise ships!
     I don't know when I will be able to update this blog again, because we land in Sydney on the 30th and board the Radiance of the Seas the next day.  I'm sure there will be some jet lag.  We have not received any notifications from Royal Caribbean that our cruise ports have changed, which surprises us, since 4 of the stops are supposed to be in Vanuatu.  That is an island group of about 80 islands, of which about 15 are inhabited.  But the category 5 cyclone that hit there a couple of weeks ago caused quite a bit of devastation. So we are calling this the "mystery cruise", and we will have to go along with whatever happens.  I'm sure it will be interesting, wherever we go.

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Gary & Cecile Thompson said...

Maybe they will have you do some rebuilding work on the islands.

Have a wonderful trip!!!