Saturday, April 19, 2014

Unplanned Visit to San Diego

Dear Family and Friends, Last Monday, Elaine slipped and fell in the solarium on the ship (Legend of the Seas) and landed very hard on her left elbow. We were in the Gulf of Mexico at the time, and 2 days from Ft. Lauderdale. The ship's medical team took x-rays and diagnosed that she had a break at the head of the radius, in her elbow. The doctor advised us not to stay on the ship, as planned, for the subsequent 16 day cruise to Copenhagen, but to get further medical tests and advice instead. They gave her painkillers and put a semi cast on her. Wednesday we got off the ship at Ft. Lauderdale and it took all day and 3 flights to get to San Diego, where we could stay with Darran & Marielle, and also our car is here. Thursday we went to the emergency department at Kaiser and Elaine had more x-rays. Friday morning she saw a doctor in orthopedics who showed us that her break was much worse than we thought because there are several pieces broken off and some of them are small. So she had to have a cat scan and all the tests to prepare her for surgery, which will take place tomorrow morning - we have to be there by 5:30AM!! Happy Easter. The doctor's name is Dr. Singh, so perhaps he is Hindu and having to work Easter Sunday won't bother him. They won't know until they cut her open and see the damage whether they will try to put pins in or do a radial head implant. We won't know until after the surgery how long we will have to stay in this area. Our RV is in Yuma, parked on the lot of some friends. Perhaps we will drive over there to get it and relocate somewhere near here while she is healing. Being here this weekend has several unexpected benefits. Elaine's son, Darran, and his wife, Marielle, are expecting a daughter in late June. So this afternoon there is a big baby shower planned over at Marielle's sister's place nearby. My granddaughter, Paige, and her partner, Allison, have flown down from Seattle for this event. So we are having a nice visit with them as well. The weather has been pleasant here, and we know this is a great place to "be stuck" for a while. We greatly appreciate Darran and Marielle's open door policy and warm hospitality. When I have a little time, I will post a few remarks and pictures from the cruise we just finished, which was through the Panama Canal.


Anke Staffenski said...

Sorry that you broke your elbow, Elaine
Good luck tomorrow,
Anke and Herbert

Arleen Alleman said...

Hi Elaine and Mary, So great to meet you both on Legend, but so sorry to hear Elaine does have to have surgery. That would be today and Tim and I hope it all went well. We look forward to following the progess on the blog. Best regards, Arleen and Tim Alleman

TravelingGrammy said...

So sorry about the changes,,,,,I hope all went well with the surg, You can always come home to recuperate,,,,,,