Monday, March 31, 2014

Cruising Again

Today we are in San Diego, getting ready to board The Legend of the Seas tomorrow to start 32 days of cruising. The first cruise is down the coast and through the Panama Canal to Ft. Lauderdale, FL We have been to most of the ports before, because of RVing in Central America, but are excited about the last port, Cartagena, Columbia. It has lots of history and an old walled city to explore. April 16 we leave Ft. Lauderdale on the transatlantic cruise ending in Copenhagen on May 2. That cruise has lots of great ports, such as Le Havre, France, Cork, Ireland, Brugges, Belgium, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Also, many of our cruise friends will be on it. Since Saturday we have been having a nice visit with Darran and Marielle. Mission Bay is very close to where they live and we enjoy walking the paths near the water. It is sunny and nice today so we will try to get in a long one. Saturday night Marielle's sister, Maegan, and her husband, Ben, and son, Charlie all came over for dinner. Here is a picture of the 2 young families:
Once we fly back on May 2, we will return to our RV, which is on the lot of some Yuma friends, and decide what summer adventures will be on our schedule.

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