Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back From Italy

Hello Blog Readers - I apologize for leaving you hanging for so long. As you might remember, first we were in SE Asia for 5 weeks, then back to the USA for a week, then off to cruising and Italy for 5 weeks. With crappy or expensive internet access, or sometimes none, and all the activity, I did not post anything. Now we are back and I am going to start putting together some tales of our travels and select some pictures for you ASAP. So, be patient, and I promise to make it worth the wait! Our travels were interesting and occasionally adventurous (when you are out of your comfort zone you are having an adventure). Elaine managed to catch the cruise crud that was sweeping through the ship, which largely manifested itself in malaise and a deep cough. As soon as she started on antibiotics she started getting better, and was mostly functional within 10 days. By the time we took the train to the Cinque Terre towns and were doing day hikes and exploring by train and foot, she was able to keep up. Now that we are back, we are still getting over jet lag and the 9 hours time difference, but are doing OK. There are lots of chores to do here at Park Sierra before we will be able to head north for the summer, and we have started on those too. Oh No, real life is intruding on our usual travel fun..... Does anyone want to help me wax the RV??!!


Sue Malone said...

ah, so sad, Coarsegold is a bit too far to go to help wax. But I will definitely hang out to read about your adventures. We just headed down you way to visit with Laurie and Odel and Nicki and Jimmie, and the Mother Lode was gorgeous. Nice to hear from you

TravelingGrammy said...

glad you're home, sorry I'm not there (not really, I heard it was 102 yesterday)......I'm in Mendocino till the end of August-where are you going for the summer?