Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

3/31/13 Hello Blog Readers, Hope you all enjoyed a nice day today, whatever that entailed. We are back at Park Sierra so we had a delicious dinner at Ken & Carolyn Kimpton's, along with Brenda & Dave Neil (our across the street neighbors). Brenda prepared fabulous ribs, my favorite! Yum. We have been back from Bangkok for 4 days and I have been trying to find some time to do a proper blog post, with pictures, but alas, there has been no time. Between doing laundry, dealing with accumulated mail, recovering from jet lag and a 15 hour time difference, and all the social activities here, we now barely have enough time to pack for the next trip. Yes, we are leaving again on Wednesday. After driving down to San Diego and staying with Darran & Marielle until Friday, they will drive us to the airport for our flight to New Orleans. On Saturday, we board the Navigator of the Seas for a 15 day transatlantic sailing to Rome. Upon arriving there, we will stay on board for another 7 days of cruising in the Mediterranean. Then we will take a train to the Cinque Terre towns, which are 5 seaside towns not far from Genoa. There are hiking trails between them so we will spend 4 days hiking and enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. Our flight back will be on May 3 from Milan. So reports on all our travels will have to wait until we get back in May and I have some time to post pictures as well. We had some fun and interesting experiences in Myanmar, and also on our Bangkok to Singapore tour, and we had some nice people to travel with in the tour groups. Both Elaine and I stayed well the whole time, and are hoping for the same on the upcoming trip. See you in May!

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