Monday, February 18, 2013

Leaving For SE Asia

2/18/13 Today we are getting everything organized in our rig so we can leave at 5AM tomorrow for the Fresno airport. Our flight leaves at 7:30AMand 25 hours later we land in Bangkok. After 3 days there, we fly to Yangon, Myanmar (used to be called Rangoon, Burma) to start our 15 day tour through that country. Several of our friends have recently visited, and other friends are there now, and all have given their travels glowing reports. So we are getting excited. After that tour is over, we return to Bangkok, and then have another tour from there through Malaysia to Singapore. We fly back to the USA on March 26. So our next posts will possibly be from those areas, if we can find adequate internet connections. Yesterday we took Ken & Carolyn Kimpton to Ducey's restaurant at Bass Lake, as a treat because they are driving us to the airport so early tomorrow. It was a beautiful day. You can see in this picture of us all in the dining room, that the lake which is visible through the windows, is really at a very low level. The waiter said that they let water out at this time of the year to allow it to fill up again when the snow pack melts further up the mountains. We have been enjoying warm weather once again, but tomorrow another cold spell is spposed to hit and also some rain. We are getting out of town, (and heading for 90+ degree weather, just at the right time!

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

So far no rain . . . not supposed to hit us until 3 today. I hope for snow in the mountains, at least, so Bass Lake will be beautiful in the spring! Again, have a great time. What a fabulous trip this will be. Look forward to lots of pictures.