Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20/11 Just had to post a few pictures to show that Elaine, Peggy and Chuck are finally catching some nice salmon. Yesterday Elaine caught a nice sized silver:

And Peggy did too:

They caught several others too, which Chuck and Elaine rapidly cleaned and filleted.

The past few days I have been busy smoking and canning their catch so we can enjoy these beauties all year!
Of course, since the season for catching Chinooks (Kings) ended Monday, Wednesday Elaine caught a really nice big King that would have been a keeper just a few days before. And yesterday Peggy caught a huge silver that was too big for the net, and when they were trying to get it into the boat, broke the line and escaped with the best lure still in its mouth.
Hopefully, today the catching will still go on because then we have happy campers here!

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TravelingGrammy said...

Yum! Do you have great salmon recipes like your crab recipes?