Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17/11 Another sunny day at Sekiu where we are still fishing with the RoVing Rods. Unfortunately, for Elaine, the fishing hasn't been as productive as she had hoped and she is starting to become rather frustrated. So far she has only caught 6 fish, and the limit is 4 per day. She has been going out on Chuck and Peggy's boat and they have been giving her some of the ones they caught too, but they haven't got many either. Part of the problem has been that one of the couples here brought their 2 young grandsons, and when this many people are depending on going out on one boat, everyone has to take turns. Ron & George have been going out in their own boat and have been getting their limit nearly every day, but they stay out longer too. And one day, Ron caught an 18 pound king fish - the best fish caught by the group so far. King season ended Monday, and now they have to hope they catch silvers, although pinks (or humpys, as they are also called) are just fine with us because they taste good when they are brined, smoked and canned.
We have been having many sunny days, but that does not mean that they are warm days. The wind comes off the water and often it is cold. Yesterday was pretty foggy too. The good thing is that we haven't had much rain.
We have managed to get 2 smokers full of fish to can and here is a picture of what the pieces look like when I get them out of the smoker:

We have been having Happy Hours with the group and also some potlucks. Besides the 5 rigs that are here, Carol Noyes and Maggie Speight drove up for a few days and stayed in the motel. Carol fished one day with Chuck and Peggy and Elaine.
Here are two pictures of one of the potlucks at our picnic table. This is the Underwoods with their two grandsons:

Here are the Palumbos, Bonhams, Hilkes and Elaine:

One day Elaine and I drove into Forks for some supplies, and then drove out to La Push, which is on the ocean and in an Indian reservation. The beach there has a lot of driftwood:

And there are lots of islands offshore:

Today is Barb Underwood's birthday so Elaine and I are fixing spaghetti and homemade sourdough bread for everyone and Barb is making her own cake. Tomorrow is Ron Bonham's birthday but we haven't made any plans for that yet. Perhaps there will be Polar Bears (an alcoholic drink with uses vodka, kahlua, ice and vanilla ice cream in a blender). Quite decadent and they really sneak up on you, not to mention the calories....
We are planning to stay here for about 10 more days and hope that the catching of fish starts to pick up!

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh boy, I'd be right there to partake in them Polar Bears . . . Happy Birthday Ron, here's to you! The salmon that has been caught and smoked looks divine! Go get some more Elaine, oh, good luck too!