Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today I added a post about the events of this week, so be sure to look at the post which follows this one. Since I have a bit of time today, I am going to post the rest of the pictures from our May cruise. The last 2 ports were Tallinn, Estonia, and Gothenburg, Sweden. These pictures are from those 2 places:
View of old part of Tallinn from the ship:

Gate in the old city wall:

Restored houses from medieval times:

Some fancy carvings over a doorway:

Mary & Elaine in the main square with the town cathedral behind us:

Main church in upper town, called Toompea:

Tom, Toby & Elaine in doorway of inner wall:

View of old Tallinn from overlook:

Street in the old town:

Different gate in old city walls:

In Gothenburg, we were met by some friends from a different cruise who showed us all around, plus we had a great reunion with them. Their names are Myra & Louie:

They met us at the train station, which is a wonderful old granite building:

Here are the four of us near a sculpture outside the fish market:

This is the main Lutheran cathedral in Gothenburg:

And here is the organ, inside:

Then we walked through a large botanical garden:

There were unusual flowers in a solarium there:

Sweden has many wonderful glass factories, where products such as these are made:

In Helsinki and also Russia, there were lots of chances to buy things made with fur:

And, of course, in Russia, Faberge eggs of every size, color, and description:

Everything was very expensive, so we restrained ourselves from purchasing anything.

After the cruise, we stayed with Darran & Marielle, and for his birthday, we had cheese fondue:

And on our way home, we stopped in the LA area to see our old friend, Anja, and her 2 year old son, Kip. Ole, the husband and father was away on a filming project.

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Nancy said...

Absolutely wonderful photos again of your travels. It's been fun going to Russia, Sweden and all around with you. That Amber room in the palace was amazing. Glad to see the good times with family too. Sure hope you two have all of your limbs working well soon.
Take care,
Nancy and Jerry