Sunday, June 26, 2011

This has been my recovery week, since I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand on Monday. The hardest part was that I didn't even get hauled off to the surgery room until 2PM, and I was thirsty and starving because I wasn't allowed to have anything by mouth after midnight. I had very little pain the next few days and not much swelling, so I have been fine. Of course, I have stitches and big bandages which won't be removed until Thursday, so my movements have been hampered by that. Thursday, Elaine will drive us to Kaiser in Fresno, and while she is being prepped for surgery, I am having my stitches out. Then I will be able to drive us home after her surgery. Hers is much more involved than mine and will take longer, and she will be in more pain. She has been an excellent caregiver during my recovery because she knows I will be taking care of her starting Thursday, and it will be PAYBACK time! We are hoping that she will get her stitches out and we can get back on the road in our RV sometime about July 15.
Bill and Priscilla Scott, Boomer friends, came to stay at Park Sierra and when they haven't been exploring Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite, or Nelder Grove, they have been walking with us mornings and evenings, and socializing with us at park events. Friday, my daughter Laura, and her new partner, Dennis, arrived from Reno for a weekend visit. This was their first visit and we enjoyed having them very much. Our generous neighbor, Jeanne, is on a cruise and offered the use of her RV home next door for this visit. It was convenient to have them so close. Friday evening they were here for the weekly social at the clubhouse, as were Bill & Priscilla. Saturday we 6 went wine tasting on the Madera Wine Trail. Of course, we went to Birdstone, our favorite. Here is a picture of us in the Birdstone tasting room:

Then we went to a Madera winery named Cru. They also have a very nice tasting room, and we enjoyed their wines. There was also a nut tasting place next door, specializing in pistacios. By then we had certainly had enough wine, and a few snacks were in order, and very enjoyable. When we got back to Park Sierra, our neighbors Mary & Rich Baumann and Carol & Alan Rodely joined us for Happy Hour on our shady patio.
When it was cooler, in the early evening, we went for a walk around the park. This is the season when we have lots of quail running around, especially little ones. Later we had a delicious spaghetti dinner because Laura brought the homemade sauce. Dennis made mojitos for us to try, and we had another enjoyable evening chatting with them.
Today we took Bill & Priscilla, Dennis & Laura over to Chukchansi Casino for the champagne brunch buffet. It was a nice chance to visit, and have lots of food choices too. Here we are in front of the casino fountain:
Then Laura & Dennis left to head back to Reno through Yosemite and over Tioga Pass. It is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. I was very grateful for the time I had this weekend to spend with Laura, and also to get to know Dennis a lot better. They seem very happy in their relationship, and I hope this continues. Here is a picture of the happy couple:

Bill & Priscilla will be leaving tomorrow and heading for Napa. Our social times with them have been wonderful and we will miss them. Now the daily routine goes on at Park Sierra until Thursday, when it takes another twist.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

The best part of this post is seeing how happy Laura is. Dennis looks like a great guy . . . good luck to the happy couple!