Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/10 This will be my last post before we leave for India next Monday. We are still at Park Sierra and have been enjoying our stay, although the arrival of some cold and wet weather is making us anxious to get to warmer climates. This is usually a busy time of year here because the annual meeting was last week, as well as the dinner. The meeting this year was a lot less contentious than in other years, perhaps because we have 43 new members. Many of the founding members have had to leave because of poor health, or they have gone to the great campground in the sky. We enjoyed the annual dinner because we sat at a table with some of our best friends here in the park. This picture shows all of us: Ken and Carolyn Kimpton are standing up behind Viv and Curt Rogers, and Carol and Alan Rodely are on the far right.

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something special. So we invited Viv & Curt Rogers to go with us to dinner at the Asian restaurant over at Chukchansi Casino. They were major players in making our wedding a big success two years ago and we wanted to be with them at our celebration. It was a delicious dinner and a good time was had by all:

After the meal, our server brought a special dessert to honor our event, and here is a picture of us before we devoured it:

In a few days, our friend Marie will be back with her little doggie Kristi. They were here a few weeks ago and here is a picture of me holding the little darling:

The packing is fairly complete and we are just doing last minute things now. Every time we are getting ready for a long and foreign trip, it seems like we do a better job of getting our home paperwork, closets, etc. in a more orderly condition as well. Look for the next update to be from Delhi!!!!


TravelingGrammy said...

Sorry I had to miss the dinner..I agree the meeting went smoothly and hope we continue to behave as adults...If I don't see you before you leave have a great time! How long is the trip?

Malone said...

Can't wait to see the updates from Delhi. I lived in Sonora for four years before coming home to Oregon, and know how chilly and damp and freezing those California mountains can be! Wishing you great weather and Happy Anniversary as well.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Already two years! Looks like you celebrated in style, happy anniversary! Safe travels while seeing yet another part of the world. Can't wait to see and hear all about it.