Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/19/10 Just a quick note to say that we are both doing fine. The weather here at Park Sierra has improved somewhat and we are enjoying the Fall temps of between 72 and 78. Because our upcoming trip involves travels on 4 different airliners, lots of land vehicles, 2 ships, several different climate zones, and involves much more limited baggage allowances than previously, we have started packing already. We will be taking one 21 inch rolling suitcase and one daypack, and possibly a purse. So we have to pack very lightly which requires the exact right stuff. Now the trick is to fit in all the essentials. One of the essentials is our new netbook, so that we can keep in touch by e-mail and post to this blog. Because we have to have power for this device, as well as for our battery charger, we checked into the electricity situation in India. Of course, they have a weird situation - 240 volts with 50 cycles. Ken and Carolyn are loaning us a converter and we hope we have the right plug configuration or else we will have to try to buy it there.
Thursday is the annual meeting for park members, so we will attend that even though we usually try to avoid political situations here. Friday there will be a big dinner in the clubhouse, and Saturday night a casino night there. Because a lot of people are back in the park, there have been several private Happy Hours and dinners as well. Boomer friends, Dan & Jenny Sheppard have been visiting here and it has been great to have them in the park. They were also at the Crabfest with us recently. I slipped up and didn't take their picture for this blog.
On Oct. 30 we will leave here to drive to San Diego, where we will stay with Darran and Marielle for 2 nights before our flight to India on Nov. 1.

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