Monday, July 05, 2010

7/5/10 Hope you all had a very Happy 4th!!! We joined Mike & Marilyn on their deck overlooking the lake for a hamburger BBQ. Here is a picture of the celebration:

It has been so pleasant to be here because the weather has been just about perfect: sunny and between 75 and 80. Those are good temps for the activities we have been doing: walking 3-5 miles a day in the nearby wetlands preserve, deep cleaning in our rig, and doing some rig repairs and improvements. The fact that I can walk that many miles indicates that my toe is healing quite well. I dropped the vacuum cleaner on it today, which really got my attention.
Mike and Marilyn have also been doing projects after our joint walks. Then we all have Happy Hour on their deck at 4:30 and dinner together afterward. One day Mike showed me that a little bat had decided to sleep in the corner above their front door. I took a picture of it:

Then Mike said to poke it with a broom stick to get it to spread its wings for a better picture, which I did. But he got pissed at me, made a rude hissing noise, and flew away before I could get a better picture. The other wildlife we have been seeing, besides lots of birds, are river otters which have dens in the banks along the path at the wetlands preserve where we walk. One day we saw 4 of them on land but we have only seen one in the water. If we are quiet on the walks, we usually see at least two. They never hold still long enough for a picture, however.
Tomorrow we are going to a campground near the Rogue River for a week, and Mike and Marilyn are joining us in their RV. Mike says there is no phone or internet service there, so it will be "rustic" camping for us! I will update this blog, hopefully with some pictures, when we get back.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Nothing like a homemade burger, the best!

TravelingGrammy said...

Poking a bat???!!!! What, are you nuts? I'm going to have to do a deep cleaning after tis trip...oh, that won't be for a few more months....