Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/14/10 A rather hot day here at Agency Lake, but we spent the whole day in Klamath Falls, shopping with Marilyn & Mike. This morning Kit and Nancy Carter, fellow Boomers who had been staying here for a few days in their RV, left. It was fun to have them here and also to get to know them better. Here is a picture of the 6 of us having dinner together:

They called on the very day that we were returning from our camping trip over at Farewell Bend NPS park on the Rogue River. It was a very nice park with lots of trees and unfortunately, quite a few mosquitoes. We had a scenic spot right on the river. This is a view of the river from the spot where we had our chairs:

And here is Elaine sitting in our chairs with our rigs in the background:

Almost as soon as we got set up, we started having visits from a couple of golden mantle ground squirrels, commonly called chipmunks. It was fairly obvious that people had been feeding them because they were totally fearless and kept approaching us, even though Elaine kept yelling at them and chasing them away. She has a serious rodent phobia and it extends to all small, furry creatures, even when they are cute chipmunks. Here is a picture of one of our visitors:

They were pretty smart and usually only showed up when we had food outside. One night at dinner one of them kept jumping up right next to me on the picnic table bench, that's how fearless they were.
Here is a picture of Mike & Marilyn at the campsite:

They just love camping and especially campfires, so they brought lots of wood. We also did lots of walking and we weren't very far from an area called the Rogue Gorge. Here the river drops through a series of rapids and then a steep rocky gorge. There are four viewing areas and we took a few pictures. This is the rapids:

And here is where the water drops at the beginning of the gorge:

We have been trying to get a few chores done during our visit here so we have washed the RV since we returned, and also waxed the roof. Now we have to try to finish the rest before the next batch of visitors. On Friday we are expecting Linda and Pat Jenkins to arrive. They are Boomer friends who live in Canada, and we haven't seen them for a long time, so we are excited about their visit. Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day since we arrived - 90 degrees. Don't know how much RV waxing will get done in that temperature!


TravelingGrammy said...

We were just there! We went to Crater Lake (in May or June, I can't remember) and took the scenic Umpque/River Gorge trail..Breathtaking! Glad you're enjoying the summer!

Nancy said...

Hi: Just caught up on your travels since we haven't had much Internet connectivity up here in Alaska. So good to see you two again. And that all health issues are resolved. Good to see Mike and Marilyn looking healthy too. Say hi for us. Love ya, Nancy and Jerry