Wednesday, January 06, 2010

1/6/10 Hope you all are having a Happy New Year! Here in the Miami area is has been unusually chilly. Since we have 4 days in between our 2 day cruise last weekend and the upcoming 3 day cruise starting Friday, we have been trying to do some shopping we have been putting off. Yes, I finally found time to buy the new computer I was promised for my 65th birthday, which was last August!! I decided on a small Toshiba Satellite, which is really like a large netbook, because it requires an external CD drive, and it only weighs 3.8 pounds. Now I can take it along on international trips and cruises. It is taking me days to get programs transferred and installed, new printer drivers downloaded, etc. I will still be using both of them for a while, I can tell.
Janice Ryder wanted to know about the cruises. We are doing 3 short cruises while we are here in Florida because we need 3 more cruise credits with Royal Caribbean in order to achieve Diamond Plus status. This gets us lots of perks when we cruise with them. So last weekend we took the Majesty of the Seas to Nassau, in the Bahamas. It really isn't that exciting because we have been there lots of times, but it was nice to have slightly warmer weather there. It was so unexciting that I didn't even take any pictures!
This Friday we will be sailing with our "boy toys", Roger and Martin, and 4 of their female friends. So it will be a big PARTY weekend on the ship. Again we will be going to the Bahamas and also to Coco Cay. When we get back, we will be driving over to the Tampa area where we will stay at the Brandon Elks Club, and take a 5 day cruise on the Grandeur of the Seas starting Jan. 18. It goes to Costa Maya and Cozumel, in Mexico. Then we will be done with cruising until April, when we are going to do a transAtlantic.
It has been interesting to be staying in this part of Miami. It is pretty close to 100% Hispanic, with most people being Cuban. Nearly everyone is bilingual, so it would be a great place to stay if someone wanted to be "immersed" while learning to speak Spanish. And the food is wonderful!! The people are friendly and nice and we have been enjoying our stay here.


Our RV Life said...

where are you staying in Miami. We are headed there soon and need a place to stay.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Thanks for the cruise details ... how clever of you to add these short little cruises to build your status to the diamond level ... you just gave us a great lesson in the "cruising world!" And you're already in Florida so leaving from there is nothing but easy. Keep on having fun. Congratulations on your new computer - sounds like a nice one.

RVRoadie said...

Hi! Good to catch up on what you're up to. You know we'd love to see you again if you our way again - have fun and safe travels. Lots of Hugs,
Rocki & Tom

Celandine said...

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