Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/16/10 Hello Blog Readers and thanks for your patience. It seems like we are always too busy to post something! Currently we are at the Brandon Elks and are happily parked in the RV storage area, because this is where we will be leaving our RV while we are cruising next week. There are between 15 and 23 nice hookup sites here, for $15 a night, in case any of you RV friends are interested. The Elks here are very friendly and nice - much more so than the SKPs at the Wauchula SKP Park where we stopped on our way here. Happily, the weather has become much warmer, although it is currently overcast and looks like rain. Monday we leave from the Tampa cruise port, about 12 miles from here, for our 5 day cruise to Costa Maya, Mexico and Cozumel. Our good friend, Jonna Harlan, who has relocated to the Yucatan in Mexico, is going to meet us in Cozumel. We are also hoping that Kathe Kirkbride, who lives not far from the Costa Maya port, will be able to meet us there as well.
Last weekend we had a marvelous time on our 3 day cruise on the Majesty of the Seas with Martin & Roger, Reuben & Sergio, Jack, and four friends of Roger and Martin's: Amy & Dilia, and Nancy & Faith. The weather was very cold and a big storm hit just as we arrived at Coco Cay, which is RCCL's private island. So they didn't put anyone ashore there, but instead hauled A__ for Nassau where we could be tied up at a pier instead of at the mercy of the wind and waves. Most of us never got off the ship, because we have been there many times before and also it was too cold. But we had a good time anyway, because we always enjoy being on the ship and having time together as well as a few of the ship activities.
Here are a few pictures:
Roger, Martin & Jack on the wave runner on the ship's deck:

In the next picture, you can see it was quite sunny the day we sailed. This is looking towards Miami Beach:

Roger, Reuben, Martin, Jack & Us in the Diamond Lounge:

When we got off the ship on Monday morning, the temperature was in the 30's!!! This was practically a record for Miami. Here is a picture of some of the friends while waiting for the shuttle to show up. Please note what Elaine is wearing. Roger says she looks like she is a member of the Taliban:

Once back from our next cruise, we will post another update and let you know where we are going next.

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TravelingGrammy said...

Too funny! That will teach you.....hanging around the east coast when you could be playing with us....The Thompsons are leaving next Sunday for a 7-day to Mexico on the Mariner...I just found out that I'm platinum status in the Crown & anchor......I'll have to work up to Diamond...