Monday, October 06, 2008

10/6/08 Not a lot of exciting news here. Tomorrow I have jury duty in Madera, and I am hoping to get out of it if they select me. Things have been just fine here, weather-wise and since it is not so hot, the temps are about perfect. So it would be a crime to spend a wonderful mid-80 degree day in a courthouse!
Plans are proceeding for our wedding on October 25. We made up some invitations and put one in every mailbox here at Park Sierra. There are 254 mailboxes! In lieu of gifts we are asking park members to bring finger food if they come to the reception. This should help take some of the trickiness out of food planning, since we won't have a clue how many people are coming! We are providing wine, beer, sodas, some Costco snack platters, and cakes. People have been offering to help, and we are taking them up on it. Jeanne & Rodger, our neighbors, are providing the champagne for the toast and a few days ago they had us, and a few other neighbors, over for a tasting. See picture below. Good thing we tasted it before they bought it because one of the bottles, from Smart & Final, was so bad that we ended up dumping it out. Next we will see what kind we can get at Costco.

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Nancy said...

Sampling all those champagnes and we missed it!? It looks like you have lots of good friends to make those important choices though. Enjoy.
Nancy and Jerry