Sunday, September 28, 2008

9/28/08 Sunday Night and we have just finished an enjoyable homemade pizza dinner with our neighbors Jeanne Taylor and Rodger Lyman, and our friends Viv & Curt Rogers. Usually when we make pizza it is because we want crab pizza, using some of the crab we recently caught in Oregon. But Viv is allergic, so we had a smoked salmon and veggie pizza, and a BLT pizza. Of course, we used fresh lettuce on the BLT pizza - not baked, silly. Now tomorrow we will have to exercise twice as hard to get these extra calories off!!!
Not much has been happening here although we have been trying to tackle a few "to do" items. Last weekend we went to the Reel Pride Festival in Fresno, where we saw a few interesting Gay films, and also picked up a few bumper stickers for our car and a big poster for our lot telling people to vote "NO" on Prop 8, which is the proposition to ban Gay marriage. It hadn't been up very long when we had a visit from our new park manager telling us that it wasn't permitted for us to have a political sign up on our lot. Elaine asked him if we could have stuff on our car and he said vehicles were OK. So she positioned our golf cart (the one Viv & Curt have extra so they are loaning it to us) so it faces the street and she stuck the big poster right across the windshield of it. Now that sign is even more visible than it was before! (And we are legal). We know that this action was precipitated by an overly religious park member who walks by our lot every day; so we hope she enjoys her enhanced view of our sign!

We will be spending the rest of this month here at Park Sierra, getting ready for the wedding, doing jury duty, having a few more appointments, and also getting ready for the next cruise. Because we didn't have anything special planned for November, Elaine wanted to take another trans-Atlantic repositioning cruise. We knew that our friends, Carole and Dick Schneider, who have been in Europe since May, were returning on the Navigator of the Seas on Nov. 10 from Barcelona. The price had dropped to $399 for a 12 day cruise, so it seemed reasonable. So yesterday we booked the cruise and a flight to Barcelona, leaving Nov. 8. Of course, by the time extra government tax is added and a fuel surcharge, the cruise costs about $600 each, but that still seems like a bargain. If anyone reading this blog wants all the information, let us know because it is not too late for friends to join us on this - our Honeymoon cruise!!!


John & Cathy Robnik said...

Good for you- now not only is the sign more visible to those walking by- now its mobile!!! :) Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon cruise!! See you at the wedding!

Nancy said...

Glad you found another fabulous cruise and that you'll be celebrating a very special day in your lives. Wish we could be there. Enjoy.
Nancy and Jerry

Laura said...

I want to go.............
I am so excited and cannot wait to see you both. I am glad I will be taking some of your pictures. I have a new camera with excellent zoom capabilities. I havae a sd 4 gig card now. See you at your wedding.
Love you two, Laura