Wednesday, April 04, 2007

4/4/07 It has been so busy here at Park Sierra that we have forgotten to update this blog! Today we went for a day hike in Yosemite with Jeanne & Rodger from the park and then had lunch at a burger place in Oakhurst. Last week we also went hiking with this couple and we went up Goat Mountain (see picture). Besides being fun, these hikes help keep us in shape, which seems like a never ending battle.
Next week the big event at this park is Stagecoach Days. Between Thursday and Sunday there will be meals, events, nature walks, entertainment, auctions, raffles, etc. all as a fundraiser for the social things that go on here. Already there are quite a few visitors here and the boondock areas are filling up fast. Our friends, Ken & Janice Ryder have done a fabulous job of planning this and getting very good people to head the main committees. We are going to be "floaters". Wherever help is needed at any time, we get called on to do it. We are already lined up to pick up food at stores, help with setting up tables, and leading a daily walk, so I'm thinking there will not be a dull moment. It should be fun.
Now for the bad news. Last Friday I went to the dermatologist and had two biopsies and got the results yesterday. Basal cell cancer in both spots. So I have to go in Tuesday for surgery. One spot is on the right side of my neck and the other spot is between my neck and shoulder, also on the right side. They will probably just remove it under local anaesthetic, and then sew me up. I am hoping I am mostly healed by the time we leave for the cruise on April 20. All those years of being a swimmer, lifeguard, coach, etc. and getting so much sun are finally catching up to me!! I know that Elaine was a very good doctor at one time, now we will get to see what kind of a nurse she is....

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John & Cathy Robnik said...

Good luck on Tuesday we will be thinking about you!!! By the way get yourself a little bell and ring it every time you need something and the little nurse should come runnin....:)