Sunday, April 15, 2007

4/15/07 Another lapse in updating this blog - sorry. Also, I have no new pictures to post to keep you interested - just a short update. Today was the last day of Stagecoach Days here at Park Sierra and it was a good thing it was over after breakfast because it was cold and overcast here today. The event started Thursday and it was cold and windy that day so the campfire dinner and entertainment that was supposed to have been held outside at the pole barn was moved to the clubhouse. Our friend from RoVing Rods, Ed Bonham, brought 2 friends and the three of them were the entertainers. They did a fabulous job singing and playing guitars and mandolin, and everyone loved them. Friday and Saturday Elaine and I led a morning hike and then helped out by picking up food from various places, including Costco in Fresno. We also helped with the live auction, in which our friend Ken Kimpton was the auctioneer. Over two thousand dollars were raised for the park with all the stuff that was sold! Evenings, we helped with the raffles at the dinners and desserts. Other things happening here were hayrides, craft lessons, a dutch oven cooking demo, geocaching, various tournaments, and lots of eating!! It was fun and there were over 300 people participating. About five thousand dollars was raised overall. Great job Ken & Janice Ryder!!
Good thing there were fun things happening to keep my mind off the bad things that had been occuring previously. First I shattered one of our dual pane windows in our new RV when I was mowing the weeds on our lot and a rock was thrown up by the mower. Then, my computer crashed. Five days and $150 later, I got it back. Next, we got a 30 day notice from one of our tenants in the Bay Area. Worst of all, I had my surgery for the two skin cancer spots last Tuesday and the next day the doctor sent me an e-mail saying the pathologist report indicated they hadn't gotten it all and I needed to schedule another surgery. So when we get back from our cruise and trip to Spain on May 12, we will return to Park Sierra and I will have another surgery on May 14. Then we will pack up the RV and drive to Santa Clara to work on the vacant rental. Thank goodness Elaine's daughter, Tarra, and her partner, Alonzo, live nearby and can finish things up for us because we have to drive up to Washington to start camp hosting by May 25. The cruise will be a much needed vacation for us!!
Other than all this, things are fine. We are using this week to pack and Friday we will drive to Fremont to stay overnight. Saturday we fly to Houston to stay with friends. Sunday we pick up four other friends who will be cruising with us and then we drive to Galveston to stay overnight before catching the ship on Monday. I will try to update this as internet becomes available. Bon Voyage!


Jerry and Nancy Hurley said...

Nice catching up with your life. Best of luck on the surgery. We'll look forward to hearing about the next trip overseas.
Nancy and Jerry

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Thanks for the kudos. You were such great friends doing whatever was needed in helping make Stagecoach Days a successful event. Bummer about another surgery, but better to get it all rather than to leave anything lingering! Have a relaxing cruise, you two deserve to relax because Lord knows that the rest of the summer has in store for you. See you when you get back.

Sylvain Tremblay said...

It was great to read you and we are very sad about your surgery problem. We think a lot about you two and take care and appreciate all the things.
Bye From Family Drolet-Tremblay