Thursday, January 04, 2007

1/4/07 The pictures below were sent to us by Stephanie Bernhagen after we stayed at their place 2 nights ago on our way back to Tucson from Texas. It amazed us that they had room for several rigs on the side of their new house!
We have now spent 1 1/2 days in Tucson getting things organized in the rig and picking up our tow car. Today we drove from Tucson to Yuma where we are parked outside the home of our friends Eileen and Ray Cooper who live in the Foothills. Now we have to start the process of getting our new rig ready for boondocking. We will start by having an oil change and then have our solar system reinstalled, plus add two more golf cart batteries. Guess what - we got back here just in time for severe weather warnings for tomorrow!

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