Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1/2/07 We are back in Tucson at Aunt Marion's house where we left our car when we went to Texas to pick up our new motorhome. We will try to get better organized tomorrow and then head back to Yuma on Thursday. Finally, I took the time to take some pictures of our new RV and post them below so you can see how beautiful our new home is. Enjoy!
On our drive back from Texas, we stopped the first night in Abeline to spend New Year's Eve with Larry and Joyce Space, friends from our Panama trip in 2004. They were stranded at the Flying J when their truck seized up and they needed major repairs. Not a good thing to happen on a holiday weekend! We had a happy reunion with them and stayed in the parking lot there overnight. Hopefully they were able to get their truck repaired today and get on their way to Phoenix.
Last night we stayed in Las Cruces at Paul & Stephanie Bernhagen's new home, along with Judy & Tom Fisher. Amazingly, there is room for 3-4 rigs to be parked along the side of their place. Another SKP couple joined us all for dinner at a local pizza parlor. What a gorgeous home Paul and Stephanie have built there and they did all the work themselves! I have asked Stephanie to send a picture, since I forgot to take one, and when she does, I will post it for you.

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