Thursday, November 02, 2006

Travelogue #13
Dear Family & Friends, 11-2-06
Here we are in Barcelona which is the third stop
on our cruise itinerary. We areńt doing much
sightseeing today because we spent about a week here
in 2005 when our first transatlantic cruise ended
here. It is a beautiful and interesting place to
visit, however. Today it is cool and there is a 40
percent chance of rain, so being in the internet place
is OK.
Our cruise started in Venice on Oct. 29. We had
met Lee & Susie Blattner at our B&B on the evening of
the 27th and spent the 28th exploring Venice. It was
a warm, sunny day and it was delightful to just be
walking around and taking pictures. There were about
4 cruise ships in port so it was crowded with tourists
but still fun.
The first port of call was Dubrovnik, in Croatia,
where we had spent 3 days in 2005 when we toured 7
Central European countries. So we didńt go into the
old town but went shopping for jeans instead. Because
of our 2 months in the Middle East, our wardrobe was a
little light and we needed something warmer for the
cruise ship. In fact, last night we encountered gale
force winds and high seas on our way here, but we
didńt get sea sick.
We have several more stops in Spain, and then
Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, before we have about
a week at sea crossing the Atlantic. The ship food is
fabulous, as usual, and we are enjoying the leisure
time and socialization with Lee & Susie as well as
other passengers. We are over our colds and feeling
Hoping that this finds all of you doing well and
enjoying some nice Fall weather.
Love, Mary & Elaine

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