Monday, November 20, 2006

Dear Friends & Family, 11/14/06
Here we are in Key West, Florida and only 2 days
away from flying back to California from Galveston.
Yesterday we were in Nassau, The Bahamas. Luckily, we
have had wonderful weather for the entire crossing and
haven't needed the warm clothes that we carried along
on the entire trip thinking it would be cold crossing
the Atlantic in November! I suppose it is because we
took a southerly route.
Our last port before the 6 straight days at sea
was in Tenerife, The Canary Islands. It is located
off the coast of Morocco, and was a much larger island
than we had expected. There is also a large dormant
volcano there. We did a bit of shopping, since there
were also some low cost clothing stores. The people
were very nice and the entire place was clean, nicely
laid out with pedestrian streets, etc. and good
infrastructure for visiting cruise ships and
passengers. Next time we are there we are going to
explore the island more, as everyone said there was
lots to see.
I don't think I mentioned in a previous travelogue
that we missed seeing our RV friends, Joe & Carla
Calwell by just one day when we were in Messina,
Sicily. They had been camping near there in their
European RV but had to leave for the mainland the very
day we arrived. Now we will just have to see them at
the Boomer gatherings in the southwest this winter.
That is, providing we get down there ourselves. We
have another vacant house to deal with in San Jose
when we get back. Elaine's daughter, Tarra, and her
partner, Alonzo, have been handling things for us and
starting on the fix-up process and we really
appreciate that. Now we will have to finish things up
and try to get another good tenant in there before we
can travel south for the winter. We had hopes of
going to Mexico again this winter, as we haven't been
there for years, and we wanted to go with Jonna & Mimi
to their place in Akumal, near Cancun. Those plans
might be changed now.... Boo hoo.
Thursday night we will be landing in Oakland, and
spending the night at Tarra's in Fremont. Friday we
will return to Park Sierra to see our friends and
neighbors, pack up the RV, and head back to San Jose.
We will be trying to do a better job of keeping in
touch with people individually by e-mail, but probably
not right away. Thanks for traveling with us and we
will be looking forward to seeing all of you sometime
in the future. Sending huge hugs to you all.
Love, Mary & Elaine

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