Thursday, May 11, 2006

5/4/06 This will have to be a fast (and possibly messy)message because I am on a free public computer in Ponta Del Gada, in the Azores, and my time is limited. We are only here for another few hours. The sea crossing has been mostly fine and warm, with only one choppy day. The entertainment and food on the ship have been good, as has been the camaraderie with our fellow RV travelers.
The most memorable ports for us were in Nassau, Bahamas, and then Kings Wharf, Bermuda. The Bahamas are quite a few islands (maybe 700) and it was warm and sunny there. We 6 rented a van together and our driver gave us a nice 2 hour tour, ending at the Atlantis. This is a mega casino and resort which was quite elegant and had a very large aquarium in the lower levels. There were a few stops at forts and such, but overall we didn't think there was a lot to see and do there. The standard of living is much lower than in Bermuda, which has the 3rd highest standard of living in the world. Bermuda was much larger and more elegant, with many inlets and coves
and lots of waterfront property with large, expensive homes. Average price was 1 million, with an overnight hotel stay at about $300 per night and a dinner for 2 about $100. Joe & Carla had a tuna melt and kisch lunch which cost over $30. Bermuda was also a place where we could have spent days exploring and the beaches are gorgeous. A return here would be welcome. We explored using an all-day bus and ferry pass costing $12.
Today we are just walking around the town, getting Euros at the bank, and using the internet because we were here last year. It is a nice, clean, friendly town and we enjoy it. There are trips to the interior but we haven't taken one. Elaine has a cold, I am getting it, and we are enjoying a lazy day. Lee, Susie, Ken, Carolyn, Lou & Judy, and Carla & Joe are all fine and we have many fun times together. Joe & Carla have a big room with a balcony and have had all of us in for 2 cocktail parties. There is nothing like getting a bunch of RV travelers together and
listening to the travel tales and philosophies.
More later from Lisbon, in 2 days.

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