Thursday, May 11, 2006

4/26/06 Here we are at the first port of call on our cruise - Key West. We have been here about 4 times so we are doing non-touristy things such as checking e-mail at the library and writing this first travelogue.
All is going well. There are 5 other RV couples of our friends on the ship with us and we are having good times together, as well as meeting new friends. The weather has been humid, but in the 80's, so we have been able to walk the deck in a tank top andshorts and be comfy. Last night was the Captain's reception and dinner, so we all got spiffed up and after a few complimentary drinks at the reception, had a fantastic dinner. It started with escargot (yummy) and ended with Grand Marnier Soufflé so you can see that our weight loss efforts earlier might be undermined very soon! We have also been walking a lot and did an exercise class in the gym, so all has not been hedonism.
Tonight we head out of here towards the Bahamas, and I will try to send another update from there.

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