Tuesday, January 10, 2006

1/9/06 We are now located in Ehrenberg, AZ and are camping with the Boondockers. Our good friends Lee & Susie are here, as well as many others, so we are having a social time. Ken and Carolyn Kimpton stopped by here on Sunday, on their way to Guadalajara where they are renting Blue's house for 2 months. It was a great reunion for the 6 of us - Lee & Susie, Ken & Carolyn, Elaine and I all were on the cruise last year from Tampa to Barcelona. Besides getting a much needed haircut from Carolyn, we shared a great dinner and then viewed Ken & Carolyn's pictures from their excursions around Spain and Portugal last Spring, after the cruise ended. Since we will be taking another cruise this April, which will terminate in Lisbon, we were all interested in seeing pictures of places we might soon visit. It was sad that they could only stay overnight.
Lee, Elaine and I continue to work on getting more fit and dropping more weight. It is a long haul and not easy but we are making progress. Usually we walk between 4-5 miles a day and when we add that to our exercises and crunches, it all takes a lot of time!
Early next week we will probably move over to Quartzsite, about 25 miles from here, and get set up in Boomerville for the annual Boomer gathering.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

If all goes well, we'll be joining you at "Boomerville" after the bluegrass festival in Blythe next weekend starting on the 20th. So we'll probably be with you guys near the 23rd. That's, of course, if our truck is fixed. It's in the garage having a bunch of stuff done, including fixing a leak which is in the front end and they tell us they couldn't get to it like they thought and that they have to take the whole front off starting with the bumper! We were originally going to pick it up on Friday . . . who knows how much that extra work is going to delay the final pick up time. Yuck!

Gary & Cecile Thompson said...

We will also be joining you around the 23rd at Quartzsite after the bluegrass festival...along with the Ryders and Elys. Look forward to going on some of those 4-5 mile walks with you.