Sunday, January 22, 2006

1/22/06 Haven't updated this for a while because we have just been hanging around in the desert and not much was happening. Now the Boomers have gathered at the usual camping spot outside of Quartzsite, called Boomerville, and there is so much going on that we hardly have time to write anything! Everyday there have been lots of rigs pulling in with over 80 here already, I'm guessing. Many of our friends are here, with other friends camping with other groups in different locations, and we have been to see some of them too. So much socializing!!
Elaine and I have set up stakes to mark out a walking course on the main road, which we try to do everyday. There is a happy hour everyday at 4 pm, where there are announcements and socializiation. Starting tomorrow, there will be beading and craft groups, discussion circles, 4 wheel drive trips, hiking events, potlucks, and other group activities. There is a big tent set up in town where many RV related booths are set up, and outside of which there are hundreds of small tent booths set up, selling everything you can imagine. This is a shoppers paradise, except for all the traffic! There are many RV lots set up, and Elaine and I looked at some Friday, but didn't find anything of interest to us. We will look at some others on Tuesday.
Yesterday we drove over to another area and had Happy Hour and a potluck with our friends Al & Donna Ellis, who are the moderators for the Stonewall BOF of the Escapees RV Club. This is the gay and Lesbian group, and they were meeting with 2 other gay camping groups. We met many very nice people and had one of the most delicious potlucks we have ever attended. Today we joined Lee & Susie, and many members of the Boondockers for a drive to Parker, where we had a buffet lunch at the Blue Waters Casino. Then we all drove out to a remote and rustic bar, called the Desert Bar. It is only open weekends and is in an area of desert and canyons, so the location is scenic. There is a small band playing and many people were dancing. There is a facade of a steel church, and lots of old rusting vehicles sitting around. Many people were having an enjoyable time there but we didn't stay long.
This winter the weather has been much drier than last year, and also wamer, except for the very early mornings, when it has been near freezing most days. So we are missing all the beautiful flowers we had here last year.

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