Saturday, July 25, 2015

Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

Hello Blog Readers,
     As I mentioned in my last post, we are spending a month at Star Valley Ranch, which is an RV park located near Thayne, WY and very close to the Idaho border.  Our last day here will be August 5, so we are trying to use our time to catch up on RV fixing and cleaning, as well as socializing with friends who have lots here.  Originally we came to see our Park Sierra friends, Ken and Carolyn Kimpton and Dave & Brenda Neil.  Shortly after arriving, we learned that other RV friends, Bill and Priscilla Scott and Bill and Susie Abbott were also here, and we have had social times with them as well.  Here we are with Bill and Susie:

The lot we are parked on belongs to Tom & Judy Tillery, other RV friends, and we have a gorgeous view of the mountains.  The park also has other beautiful areas, such a this pond, which is just down the street from us.

     One reason we came was to find cooler weather than we had been experiencing in CA.  Well, we found it!!!!  In fact, it has been challenging to have enough warm weather to get the outside chores done, such as washing and waxing the RV.  Even on days when we start out with sunshine, there is often rain sometime in the afternoon.  So I have been doing the RV cleaning in increments.  We also needed to fix a leak we had so first we determined that it was coming from either a cracked air vent on the roof, or the air conditioner.  Elaine tightened the bolts on the air conditioners.  Then we drove into Idaho Falls with Ken and Carolyn, where there is a big RV supplier, so we could purchase a replacement vent.
      Idaho Falls is 90 miles from Star Valley, so we made a day trip out of it.  Happily, we had a sunny and dry day because the drive along the Snake River and through the hills and valleys is gorgeous.  Here is a picture we took at the rest stop:
      And here we are with Carolyn, looking the other direction:

Since there actually are falls right in the town (thus the name), we went over to look at them.  They have been modified somewhat over the years, since they run right through the middle of town, but they are still scenic:
    Last Sunday we drove with Ken & Carolyn to Wilson, near Jackson Hole, where the local firefighters were having a chicken fry lunch as a fundraiser.  Again, it was a beautiful day and a gorgeous drive.  The firefighters were all working hard over the barbeque pits, frying chicken and also huge cast iron pots full of potatoes.
There were people selling locally produced draft beers, water, soft drinks, and kids walking around selling desserts.  There was also a flatbed truck with entertainers providing music. A bunch of people from Star Valley were there and we all brought chairs and tables to sit around and enjoy our meal, which was absolutely delicious:
After we ate and chatted a bit, Ken and Carolyn drove us to nearby Teton National Park.  There is a new visitor center there with wonderful displays about the early settlers and the history of the area:
We went to the informative movie in the theater, and then the screen goes up, and the curtains open up to a gorgeous view of the Grand Teton Mountains:
Just outside the building was a sculpture of a moose, which supposedly are prevalent in this area.  We had not seen any live ones, so we took this picture of Ken & Carolyn with the sculpture:
We have now finished vent and roof repairs, and I am 2/3 done with waxing the RV, so this weekend we are having more social events with the friends.  The next week here the weather is supposed to be in the low 80's, so we are looking forward to that.  I am also working on going through trip pictures and writing a report about our cruises in April and May, which I hope to post on this blog very soon.

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When I bought my RV, I never thought it would help me find a place with a climate more to my liking. Living in PA and hating cold weather was never my thing, so when I ended up in Alabama, I thought: I want to live here. I ended up buying a home and have never been happier!

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