Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In Florida - Getting Ready to Cruise

Today we are putting our RV in storage in Ft. Lauderdale, at the RV park where we stayed last night.  It is called Kozy Kampers and indeed, they have crammed quite a few rigs into a small area.  Our cruise buddy, Doug White, will be picking us up this afternoon and we are staying at his house.  Tomorrow he will drive us to the cruise ship pier.
     First we are taking a 4 day cruise to Cozumel and back on the Vision.  It is my birthday cruise, since I will be 70 on the 29th.  Monday we get back and go directly to the Oasis.  This is the largest cruise ship in the world and we have never been on it.  In 12 days we disembark in Barcelona, and the only port is Malaga for one day, so we should have plenty of time to explore the huge ship.  When we arrive in Spain, we are flying to Alicante, where our friends Ger & Jeannette de Beus, from the Netherlands, have a vacation home.  It is on the Costa del Sol, and we are greatly looking forward to seeing them and exploring the area with them.
     After 4 days with them we will fly to Madrid, and have an apartment for 4 days while we explore.  Then we join a Gate 1 Travel tour for 11 days of exploring the interior parts of Spain.  Cities we will see are Granada, Seville, Toledo, Valencia, and end in Barcelona again.  Then we fly to Paris, have another apartment for 3 days, then join another Gate 1 tour for 12 days all over France.  When that ends, we take a train to Rotterdam and get back on the Oasis for a 13 day cruise back to Ft. Lauderdale.  Doug White will be on that cruise with us, as well as many other friends.
     While we have been in Florida, we have stayed in both of the Escapee RV parks.  It has been so hot and humid that we have definitely needed electricity to run the A/C.  The Bushnell park looks a bit run down, but it is full of huge, old trees, draped in moss.  There are not many rigs there now, but as the weather cools in the north, this place will be packed.
At the back of the park there is a cypress lagoon, and it is often filled with birds.  There are alligators in it too, and we could hear them growling periodically.
Some of the days we had thundershowers, and often there were beautiful cloudy formations at sunset:
The co-op SKP park at Zolfo Springs was much tidier and well-kept than the Bushnell park, and they have a lovely outdoor swimming pool, which we used a lot.  There wasn't any place good to walk because the park is small, so we drove into town and walked everyday in Pioneer Park.  The path goes along a river part of the time.  Here is some of the foliage reflected in the calm water:
So we are now properly exercised, hopefully properly packed, and ready for another grand adventure.  Our phone will be turned off while we are gone, so use e-mail to get in touch with us.  And please send some personal news - we love to hear from people while we are away.

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