Saturday, May 24, 2014

Still at Park Sierra

5/24/14 This will be a short report because we are still at Park Sierra, on our RV lot. Elaine is doing fine and has been seeing an orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist. This past week she was released by both of them. She knows all the exercises she needs to do regularly to get her range of motion back, and she has been good about doing them. The doctors want her to keep wearing the splint until 8 weeks post-op, so that is about 3 more weeks. She takes the splint off a lot and has been able to help with things around the place, such as cutting up veggies, making salads, doing dishes, etc. We have been having good social interactions with the neighbors and friends here too.

      Because she is adamant that she can heal just as well on a cruise ship, she has booked us for 2 Alaska cruises in June. June 11 we will drive up to Fremont, where Tarra, Elaine's daughter lives. June 12 2 of her step-daughters are graduating, Analy from grade school and Ari from high school. So we will attend those, and have a quick visit with that family, and also my son, Thomas, who is coming over from San Francisco. June 13 we fly from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC to board the Radiance of the Seas. The first 7 day cruise takes us up to Seward, AK and then we will stay onboard for the return.

     Elaine's first biological grandchild (a girl) will be born in San Diego either the end of June or the first part of July. Once that has happened, we will have a quick visit down there to meet her, and congratulate her parents. Then we will start our RV travels, heading east. More on that later.

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