Tuesday, April 03, 2012

4/3/12 Hello from humid Livingston. Yes, we are still at the SKP park here and yesterday we finally managed to get into West RV where they fixed our fridge. The tech said that the solenoid valve on RV fridges rarely goes out, but of course, ours did. So Elaine's troubleshooting skills are still intact, because that was the same conclusion she came to when she investigated this when it first occurred. Now it is functioning on propane, which is rather important for us because we boondock all the time. We have very little food in our fridge, because of the problem, but this is a good thing since we have to empty it out totally before leaving on our 35 day cruise and Dubai trip on the 14th. While we were driving to the repair place, the skies just opened up and we had very heavy rain, thunder and lightning for at least an hour while we waited for our tech to start fixing our rig. Today it is overcast again, with a drizzle, so maybe later on we will have more water works.
Luckily, Sunday was a lovely day in the mid 80's for our visit with my nephew David Exley, and his family down in Pearland, south of Houston. He is the oldest son of my twin sister, Marsha, who lives in Denver. It has been about 20 years since we last saw him, and I must say, he has developed into quite a nice, charming family man who also entertained us in fine style. We had never met his wife, Ann, or his kids, Brittany and Nick, but they were all delightful as well. Here is a picture of the family:

And here is a picture of David & Ann:

David grilled baby back ribs and chicken for us, while Ann made Colorado beans and a mixed salad. Here is David at the grill:

And here is the finished product before we all attacked it, with gusto!!!

Needless to say, everything was delicious and we enjoyed eating and chatting out in their lovely backyard:

David really reminds both Elaine and me of my brother, John. Here is a picture of me with him - can you see any family resemblance?

They also exposed us to a Texas beer, called Shiner Light Blonde, which we greatly enjoyed.
This week we are packing for our upcoming 31 days of cruising. Usually that also means going through our closets and drawers and organizing at the same time, something we really need to do. More rain is predicted, so it will be a good time to be inside with these chores.

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Nancy said...

Loved seeing your family visit, Mary. Yes, he could definitely be your direct offspring. And, especially, since he appears to be charming! Glad the fridge is running again. We know how frustrating that is. Have a great trip. Lots of hugs to your both,
Nancy and Jerry