Monday, March 05, 2012

3/5/12 Hello from the SKP park at Benson, where it has been warm and mostly sunny, except for an overcast day today. Our Boomer friends, Mick & Ann Meilicke have a lot here and we had a nice visit with them. Also, RoVing Rods friends, Warren & Carolyn Miller are volunteers at Kartchner caverns, which are about 15 miles from here. So tomorrow we are going for a tour there, and also a visit with them.
In Tucson we had a very nice visit with Elaine's sister, Penny, and their aunt, Marion. Aunt Marion lets us park our RV in her driveway. Here we are with Aunt Marion and you can see part of the backyard behind us. There are lots of nice cactus plants, cholla, etc.

Everyday Penny came over and walked with us in the neighborhood. In this picture of Penny and Elaine you can see an interesting saguaro cactus behind them with what looks like a very malformed top.

One day Aunt Marion's friend, Louise, took Elaine and me out for lunch at El Charro.
Louise is on the left in this picture.

El Charro is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the USA which has been continuously owned and operated by the same family since 1922. There was quite and extensive menu and the food was delicious too. Tucson has a large Hispanic population and it is loaded with good Mexican restaurants.
Dinner every night was in our rig because Elaine and I cook a lot, especially since we started going about 90% vegetarian, and not eating meat, just seafood. This gave us a chance to catch up on Aunt Marion's doings because she is so active and busy she was hardly ever around during the day. She is doing fabulously well, especially considering
that she will be 90 in August! Here is the venerable lady with her two neices:

We only stayed 5 days because we were getting nervous about a pack rat problem that was in the neighborhood. One of them had eaten into the insulation in the engine compartment of Aunt Marion's car. Another neighbor had a major electrical problem in his RV because the rats had chewed the wires. So Aunt Marion got Bob, a neighbor, to set 2 rat traps in the area of our rig every night, and yes, the first night he caught one!
Thursday we will hit the road again and head for Las Cruces and El Paso.

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